Candy Crush Saga level 791

Tips for level 791 Candy Crush Saga
Multi layer cream blockers have to be cleared to get the jelly on level 791. These are my favourite levels as once the board is opened up you can get some powerful combos and cascades to bump up your score.
At the start try to make every move clear at least one cream blocker, preferably 3 or more.
The popcorn in the middle will give you a useful colour bomb.
Whilst I'm not a fan of colour bomb / stripe combos because they don't give a very high score, on this level I would definitely make use of this combo if possible as it will clear a lot of cream blockers to open up the board.
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  1. JanC here. Made it on my third or fourth try, three stars, no boosters. Easy level and fun once you clear things out a bit. Then it gets easy to make and combine specials. Sprinkles came easily. Nothing innovative as far as the design: we've seen a lot of these. But I enjoyed it.

  2. Very easy, board played itself.

  3. Easy board huh. Sprinkle balls are plentiful huh. Then I'm doing something very wrong. Played it a bunch of times and not even close. I keep having to make meaningless moves and/or the board reshuffles a lot. Weird.

  4. I agree with the Anonymous comment about these boards being weird. I have used up at least 20 lives and I'm still here. Not always a piece of cake.

  5. 3rd try, no boosters, 3 stars. Combos are the key. A wrap+wrap and sprinkle+stripe did the trick. Once the board clears up, sprinkles are easy to come by.

  6. Three attemps just keep blasting away. Good fun.

  7. I didn't find it easy either, but perseverance paid off eventually. Sprinkles and striped combos helped the most.

  8. We're at level easy do you want this to be? There are no bombs or chocolate to deal with, I've only played this a couple of times but have gotten close each time. for what it's worth, I'm having fun playing 791. Good luck!

  9. Took about a dozen lives but a fun level. The only way to win this one is to clear the popcorn. Most tries, I was just chipping away and not making many combos so it took awhile to get a good board. Did this one on iPad, 3 stars and used a lollipop on the last move.

  10. This one took longer than I expected! Main challenge for me was busting up the popcorn. Moving on....


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