Candy Crush Saga level 802

Tips for level 802 Candy Crush Saga
You have only 28 moves to collect 4 ingredients through a board made complicated by cream blockers, licorice and a conveyor.
Any match on the conveyor will clear the licorice, but don't rush to clear it too quickly, as once your ingredient is on the bottom conveyor you only need to match the candies touching the licorice for it to disappear and allow the fruit to drop.. If you clear the licorice too soon you will have to match below the fruit to collect it.
Move the first ingredient to one side so that there isn't so much cream under it, then make stripes, wraps and any combination to clear some of the cream blockers.
Once the way is clear a well placed stripe above the ingredient will send it out, or better still a stripe/wrap combo. Be careful that the ingredients don't get up the comnveyor on the left of the board or you may run out of moves before you get them down.
Difficulty level on this is medium, and with a lucky board easy.
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  1. JanC here. First try, three stars, seven moves left over: easy-peazy but fun level. My board offered opportunities to make sprinkles galore; I even set off a pair together just to see what would happen.

  2. Fun...only a few tries and moving one.

  3. It tooke about 5 tries to finish, no boosters, 3 stars. The last candy was tricky for me because I'd only have a few moves to get it to drop, but the last time I was able to get a vertical stripe in the right column to finish. Also one of the mystery candies turned into a coconut wheel which did good damage on the blocks.

  4. Unusual to get coconut wheels from mystery candy. Took five attempts.

  5. Not an easy level.....and yes JanC, we know....every level first try, three stars and a lot of moves left over for you!!!

  6. No, definitely not an easy level - especially if you can't move the first ingredient. I got a lucky board on try no. 6 and blasted my way down!

  7. Agreed, not an easy board. It wasn't always possible to leave the licorice on the bottom row. Finally got 3 ingredients down and out and didn't see a strategic last move however the 4th ingredient went down and out. More luck than skill on that move.

  8. Jan C please take a break! I agree with a previous comment that we like to know good strategies to beat a level and that JanC may leave for a while.

  9. The way my first try was going I didn't think I had a chance. It took a long time to drop the first ingredient. But I got a bunch of wrapped candies and finished.

  10. The wait for a lucky board is getting longer. Day 3 for me, and nothing even close. But, all levels depend on a lucky board to pass. Until that happens, there is no passing no matter what you do.

  11. played this level at least 15 to 20 times. The main issue is that you clear 2 ingredients then regardless of how many moves you have left it takes 2 to 10 moves to get the third ingredient. Still have yet to see the fourth ingredient.

  12. What makes CC fun for me over the last year is collecting candies in the jar.I now have around 170 lollipops and the same amount of hammers plus tons of other boosters all for free.The collection makes the game fun especially when encountering a level that is deemed miserable.If I had to play for a week to pass a level I would have quit a long time ago.--Mr. Zap.


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