Candy Crush Saga level 806

Tips for level 806 Candy Crush Saga
You have 30 moves to collect 110 each of green and blue candies.
There are 4 colour bomb/stripe combos provided at the bottom of the board but you'll probably only be able to use one or two as the others are likely to be destroyed with the random stripes from the first ones you use.
First you have to unlock the combos using a stripe or a stripe/wrap combo. switching the first combo will almost certainly unlock at least one of the others. Don't try to save them unless you are looking for top scores. Use them as soon as you can to clear the cream blockers and bombs and open the board for more combos.
You will probably have to clear quite a lot of the cream blockers to give yourself space to make your stripes unless you are lucky and manage to get one early.
The bombs have a long countdown so you should be able to clear them before the cause a problem, but don't neglect them too long.
Once you have an open board continue making colour bombs and combos. Not a difficult level if you get a good start.
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  1. I made a chocolate bomb early and then used it to unlock one of the striped in the corner, then I could make a striped colorbomb combo and open up the board. Finished it the first time.

  2. JanC here. Got a lucky board that finished with a crazy sugar crush cascade that went on longed than any I remember getting on the android tablet (got some great ones on an iPhone but never before on the tablet.

    1. You never fail to get it the first try...I still say your an "Undercover King Spy" ;-)

  3. I had trouble with this one! Took about 20 tries, and finally finished with 3 stars, no boosters. I'd get close several times but it was hard to get all the candies. Sometimes the bombs would explode first, but if that happened, I usually had way too many candies left so there was no chance winning that time anyway. Fun level though, so I didn't mind playing it extra times.

  4. Wrapped candy plus striped candy cleared the way to the chocolate bombs then fairly easy just set off the chocolate bombs.

  5. Difficult level, in the beginning there is no space left to make cobos.

  6. Who can give me some advice, it's impossible for me....
    I can't control the bombs in time!! Pffffffffff......

  7. It's impossible to make chocolate bombs or wrapped candy in the beginning, there is no space!! And there is only one move possible.....
    For me this is the end of CC!! Good luck everybody!

  8. Anoniem, I do hope you see this. I made matches down the side of one of the cream columns and then had room for matches. I detonated one of the freed up sprinkles with its striped candy, and that did a lot to help open up the board. I detonated all the sprinkles and bingo I got enough green and blue to win with one star.

    I have played it again several times, to see if I can get more stars, no luck yet. That strategy does work 3 times out of 5, so don't give up.

  9. Took several tries and finally worked my way down the bombs and cleared them first. Then was able to open a sprinkle/stripe to set off and them another. Collected all of required colors on the last move. 3 Stars, no boosters, on PC.

  10. Pretty easy level .Keep resetting the board until you get a green or blue striped next to the bomb which clears out a lot of greens/blues. I managed to get a wrapped and striped too which cleared the bombs. To those that come on here claiming they're going to quit, goodness me, get a grip! Not all levels you want to be easy do you !!!!


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