Candy Crush Saga level 822

Tips for level 822 Candy Crush Saga
You have 50 moves to remove the jelly which is hidden beneath the cream blockers and chocolate.
Use combos to remove the chocolate first as there are no chocolate generators so once it is gone it won't come back so will leave you a clear board to make your combos and clear the cream and jelly.
You will need some heavy duty combos to clear level 822 in the moves available. Stripe / wrap and colour bomb / stripe combos will cause a lot of damage, as well as wraps switched together.
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  1. Fun after collecting orders. Got it 3rd try with 20 moves left...yes heavy combos indeed and I set two sprinkles off together...that was an early move that cleared a lot

  2. So much fun. 2 tries-no boosters-3 stars and over 500K points. Thank goodness this was an easy one. Onward.

  3. Fun level especially after 821. Use lots of combos--it doesn't matter which ones--they all are helpful

  4. JanC here. Three stars, first try, no boosters: been awhile since we could say that, eh? I hated 819 so much I quit playing cc & turned to dreamworld but that owl gets old lol. In the past hour I passed 819, 820, 821 & 822! Playing on an android tablet. I am sure I'm not a skilled player (not like those YouTubers) but perseverance may pay off as much as skill over the long run with this game. Earlier today I was ready to delete the game (and my screen top shortcut to this site ;) but thought I'd give it one more shot since I don't know of any other games to play (solitaire is awfully dull after cc :P .. Guess I qualify for a cc 12 step program)

  5. I've been stuck for over three days now. UGH

  6. I got lucky and finished the level on my first try. Two color bomb/stripe combinations did the trick for me, but I agree that every combo will help. Specials form pretty easily (at least they did for me), so it shouldn't be that hard. If you beat the last three levels and came this far, you'll beat this one too.
    Good luck -Gabi

  7. Took about ten attempts need to remove the chocolate then usual combinations.

  8. JanC just curious as to what level in Dreamworld your in ? We are all adept players to get to 800+ Reality levels & DW levels above 500 are actually more difficult on the average especially with unstable moonscale to contend.Just curious?Your a hall of famer on Reality & I love your tips.

  9. 2nd try, 3 stars, no boosters. Hit chocolate every move or it will continue until you remove it all. Color bomb/stripe most helpful to begin to clear the board. Then make combos.

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