Candy Crush Saga level 862

Tips for level 862 Candy Crush Saga

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This level is great fun and you shouldn't have too much trouble completing it.
Level 862 stars with a huge red cross which dissolves into at least 3 colour bombs as soon as the game starts.
Every time I have played this level I have got a wrap next to one of the colour bombs, which you can use straight away, but I prefer to get rid of some licorice first to get more candies on the board for a higher score before I switch them. But don't waste too many moves.
Wraps are probably the best specials for clearing licorice and they are very easy to make. 
Level 862 is just a question of making as many combos as possible.
Video below.
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  2. JanC here! 2nd try 3 stars no boosters!! Easy easy EASY level!!! Did I say Easy? Just make wrapped candies kids! Nothing else to it!! If you cant pass this one as quick as myself then quit while your ahead! Easy easy easy board..... Good luck fellow crushers!!! Need crushing advice, just ask me!

    1. JanC here again ! Yay me. Also completed it in just under 15 seconds

  3. Two touching colour bombs!

  4. I hate this level. Closest in 10 tries was 6 jellies left. Ive tried everything including 2 color bombs. Still cant get there :(


  5. JanC here. Got it on my second try before coming here for tips. Having got close with my first try (& yes, it is a fun level!), I decided for my second try to match two of the starting sprinkle balls together. True, it wasted the third but well worth it because it took out all the licorice, which is the chief problem here. Only got one star but will gladly play again to try to get more next time we run out of levels.

  6. Roll in and out until your board has 3 chocolate balls together. ..swipe them together. will destroy most of the board. ...from's easy...

  7. Took me about 7 tries to get 1 star but no boosters. Sprinkle + sprinkle first move is the key. Bottom corners are hardest to get to but just focus on combos after the licorice clears and it's not too hard.

  8. Weeeeee;);) FUN, FUN, FUN, first try success ;)

  9. I haven't commented since a few levels ago because they've all been based on luck and I had nothing useful to add, but I have to say that while this level was based on luck in a way, it was a really crazy board and super fun to play! Only one star however so may have to come back to it if I get bored. :P

  10. c/candycrush here

    Easy level, the work of 5 minutes. But maybe it was just third time lucky as I wasn't so great on the first 2 boards.

    Colour balls/wraps started to open the board up for me but colour ball/stripe is what did the main damage after that.

  11. Two chocolate bombs next to each other clear the board then need useful combinations.

  12. Agree - reset the board to get two sprinkles together. Then hope for another sprinkle plus stripe which should take out most of the jelly just leaving a few. I only got one star, but am happy to have another try or two to get more stars, as it's a fun level.

  13. Tried a dozen times on iPad resetting until I had two sprinkles side by side to start. No luck even with that combo. Got it first try on phone by resetting to get three sprinkles together to start. Then got a sprinkle/stripe combo which took out a lot more. Able to finish up with remaining moves and no boosters. 1 star.

  14. Took me 3 tries on PC facebook & just a fun strategy really except create as much special combos as possible & open board to cascading & creating color bombs to finish off game..Enjoyed it as change of pace..No bombs or popcorn ...nice fun...easy level on PC

  15. Am I alone in not finding this level easy? I never get two sprinkle balls together and even when I got a sprinkle and a stripe it didn't wipe out much of the board. Yet another level waiting for the 'lucky board'! MW

  16. 2 chocolate bombs right next to each other on the 1st move. Smashed the 2 together leaving very little for me to deal with. Passed 1st try with 5 moves left on PC. Thresa

  17. Okay, I agree this is a fun level, but.... I managed to clear all the jelly in 4 goes using a sprinkle sprinkle and a sprinkle stripe, but was gobsmacked that with 14 goes left, I didn't even make 2 stars, let alone 3 stars? A wee bit frustrating to say the least.

  18. 2 bombs together clears all licorice then you can clear the board easy.


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