Candy Crush Saga level 887

Tips and tricks for level 887 Candy Crush Saga
Level 887 is slightly more difficult than it looks because it is divided into 4 sections, which do not connect in any way, so moving the candies in one section does not affect the other sections.
The only way to move candies in a square that has a "stalemate" is to fire a stripe or stripe/wrap combo from another square.
There are 2 jelly fish to help and two candy UFO's also.
Try to save the fish if you can, as they will be useful for getting the final few candies.
Use the UFO's as soon as you unlock them, to clear as much jelly as possible.
The most important thing to remember is to look careful at the whole board before every move so you don't miss any chances to make stripes and wraps. You won't be able to make any colour bombs n level 887 Candy Crush Saga as the boards are only 4 x 4 squares, so you have to rely on stripes and wraps.
If you have a fish booster to spare from the wheel it will be useful to help clear the jelly.
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  1. Is anyone else finding that there is a bug in 887? I have finished the game successfully but it says there is still one left. There clearly is not. No chocolate on this one so I know there is no jelly hiding under it!

  2. I guess I got real lucky out of the gate! I thought I was in for a long haul since I didn't have any hand switches, and I had to use my fish from the beginning, but I got this on the first try and got 3 stars! Woo Hoo for me!

  3. After many attempts, I used 2 saved boosters, striped/wrapped and fish to clear everything ... No problem passed easily with those... Otherwise just couldn't get it done without. Had about 15 moves left.

  4. Can't believe I got this first try. Never happens to me. The fish on the board helped with the last couple of jellies. Never made any wrapped candies, only stripes, and that seemed to do the trick!

  5. Resetting until there was one special to be made on the first move didn't work on the first board, as it was sent somewhere unusable in a shuffle. Worked, along with a good board, on the second.

  6. Correction to my above post. I forgot, it was the third try. What I learned in the second try was I think you're doomed if you can't activate at least one spinner early.

  7. Took many many tries but finally got a lucky board to finish with no boosters, 2 stars. Boring level because of the limited move options.

  8. Fourth try with no boosters. Everything seemed to fall into place. Finished with moves to spare. JS

  9. Took me a while probably about 20 attempts but after leaving only one two about five times finally got it, no real tops except keep trying . Regards AJ

  10. Hard level. Requires mostly luck since the fish and UFOs can either be helpful or unhelpful. Try to not use the fish until you have as many jellies smashed as you possibly can.

  11. Agree leave the fish as late as possible only took four attempts.

  12. JanC here! Wheres Norah??

    I though that oldtimer could crush candies like me, eh? But I dont see her posting she finished, teehee.... Cmon Oldtimer! Keep up EH??

    1. Rude, obnoxious idiot! You are Norah you stupid bully.

  13. c/candycrush here.
    Not as easy as it looks unless you get a lucky break.

    Don't bother using a colour ball booster, you don't get value for it. You only get one colour ball and it didn't do the trick for me at all, no better than games with no boosters.
    The fish never seemed to strike where it made much difference either.
    A hammer is good if you are left with only one jelly, at least you know in advance it will do the trick.

  14. I must have used up 20 lives before I decided to try a free fish booster from the wheel and I passed it!

  15. Oh my it on first try, 2 stars, no boosters. Lucky board where the UFO's and fish were very helpful.

  16. Got lucky & no real help from UFO'S ...always hit squares I had completed...anyhow got help from fish especially when I matched with stripe..really helped & then got some good vertical stripes clearing upper/lower & allowing for lucky matchs on isolated single jellies..1 boosters however...somewhat fun but not all easy w/o boosters

  17. I was getting tired of ending up with one or two 'loose' candies so I gave in and smashed the last one with a hammer.
    Two stars, but irrelevant really.

  18. No more UFO's here, just a couple wrapped candies.
    Will AllHelp post an update?

  19. This would be more fun if the candy would drop from the top squares to the bottom. Otherwise, you're sort of stuck, like I have been! Might give in and use a fish booster.

  20. I changed the way I played this level on my last (winning) game because the moves allowed it. I managed to make more stripes than I had previously been able to make and they didn't disturb the fish or saucers but did damaged the blocks in the opposing squares so I focused on clearing as much as I could without the saucers
    and fish. Near the end I had 3 jellies to remove and 5 moves left before I activated the last saucer which removed everything. Maybe that will work for someone who's stuck or bored. Good luck everyone!

  21. Glitch on this level! Cleared all jellies and no sugar crush! Sooooo disappointing, also a waste of a hammer!


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