Candy Crush Saga level 954

Tips and help for level 954 Candy Crush Saga
There are only 21 moves to clear the whole board of double layer jelly!
You need to clear the cake in as few moves as possible, easier said than done on such a restricted board. The cake will take a layer of jelly from the whole board so helping you clear it, but if you don't have enough moves left after the cake bomb has done it's work you won't complete the game.
If you can't make matches close to the bomb clear as much jelly as you can from the bottom squares as these are the trickiest to clear.
Video below

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  1. This is another one of those pure lucky boards. If the jellies don't line up so you can get rid of the cake, you're done. Very limited moves on this board

  2. I kept backing out until I got a board with a good hit on both sides of the cake. Took 4 or 5 tries after that.

  3. I used a fish booster from my stash and reset the board till I had one horizontal stripe ready to go and violated! It just fell into place.


  4. Has anyone else noticed that you can only replay each level once to get sugar boosters? You used to be able to play more than once.

  5. To the last post, yes I noticed that once you play a level for sugar drops, you cannot play it again until the cool down timer appears and counts down to zero. Then you can go back and replay those same levels for sugar drops.

    It is probably because of people like me. I play for sugar drops only at least once every one or two days. And I will admit that I use boosters a lot more than I did before sugar drops. Certainly helps out on levels like 951.

  6. First try!! No boosters as I was just feeling out the game before I checked for tips. Jellies just matched up to take out cake and from there it was just basic CC. JS

  7. I found if I took out the cake too early I struggled to clean up the extream top and bottom jellies, when I passed I had most of the sides jellies down to one layer and when I took out the cake I didn't have much left to do. Two colour bombs also helped and I used them on a colour that was occupying the corners. AJ

  8. Boring level with limited moves - used 2 lollipop hammers to be done with it!

  9. I have never posted before but have really found other comments helpful. I struggle through and try not to spend any money but have caved in a few times and really don't begrudge a few dollars for the enjoyment of the game. But recently I have become disturbed and feel like quitting after getting this far. My beef is that everyone I know who plays the game and all you posters seem to have something called sugar drops. From what I understand they are great. I don't know what to do to get this feature. I've updated and that doesn't help. If anyone has any help for me please let me know.

  10. Someone at the CC Facebook Page told me that not everyone has the Sugar Drops because it's random choice as to who gets it. That doesn't seem right to me as the majority seem to have it. My friend doesn't. He is using theiPad App. Not sure if the age of the tablet has anything to do with it.

  11. Sweet!!!!

    Got this one 2nd try. Made a choc sprinkle on an early move with a stripe and cleared the cake early. Then proceeded to knock out the rest fairly easy.

  12. Sugar Drop strategy question... Which is more effective, creating lots of cascades to create the drops and let them blow up? OR chasing after each one as they form? Probably the cascades, but just wondering what your strategy is, thanks

  13. First attempt two wrapped/striped candy great help.

  14. c/candycrush here.
    Fairly difficult level-for those like me who are on a PC & can't back out of any board without losing a life.

    Problem comes because quite often there are no moves at all to be made on one of the sides. None. So you have to make a stripe on the other side to move some candies or else hope for a reshuffle.

    I'm not through yet but have come close (within 2 jellies). Strategy-I can see it is to clear the cake asap & clear top/bottom jellies.

    Just a heads up. Using a booster such as the fish. I found I did worse than normal, it sent me 3 fish but each time on a side where there were either no moves or no moves anywhere near it so I did not get to use any at all.
    So fish may or may not help, a lollipop hammer, hand or colour bomb would be a surer bet.

    Sugar drop question. Some of my accounts have it, some don't. But I get a daily spin so never pay anyway for boosters.

  15. Fish booster helped me on this level

  16. I keep getting boards where I can't do anything with the right side. All STUCK!

  17. I'm finding this level impossible, and boring. Waiting for the good board. Re sugar drops, does anyone else replay level 666 endlessly, or is it just me? It gives between 60 and 80 sugar drops (30-40, doubled for the win) every time.

  18. Has anyone noticed candy crush randomly takes boosters now even when you don't want to use them.


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