Candy Crush Saga level 974

Hints and tips for level 974 Candy Crush Saga
You have only 22 moves to collect the 2 ingredients which are locked in the middle of the board.
What makes this level so tricky is that the last key doesn't fall until almost the last move.
The first key is on the board covered in marmalade, the second key falls with 17 moves left, the third with 12 moves left and the 4th, which opens the coconut wheels, with 7 moves left.
The last key, which unlocks the 2 ingredients falls with only 2 moves remaining.
This isn't too much of a problem as long as you can match the last key in one move.
Once the ingredients are unlocked use one of the coconut wheels sideways and the ingredients will slip out diagonally.
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  1. Quite fun and doable...................

  2. Unreal..Fun & enjoyable level that can appear frustrating but I was super lucky...I was having difficult time getting the keys & moves running out & all of sudden got a key drop up top & matched it with 1 move left..It opened the coconut wheels & believe it or not last key sitting left of wheel...I swiped left over key & ingredients became unlocked & vertical stripes created that brought both down the exit on last move..Bingo...1'st boosters.Had fun & enjoyed it & once you understand how board works & look at tips YES it can be won with 1 move so stay patient & focused...You will nail for certain

  3. Really????
    I know I've said this before but now I believe this is the worst board by far!!!!
    With no hammers or swappers I'll be here for a very long time.

  4. The key is to able to match up the last key when it falls with 2 moves left. I was able to and then I swiped the coconut wheel sideways and the nut snd fruit dropped right out. JS

  5. You can more quickly finish this level if you don't mind using the hammer candy. They don't take up turns, so I finished this level with two candies left and only one move, so when I used the hammers, I finished the level. It almost felt like cheating, but I tired of this level and wanted to move on.

  6. Used a bonus coconut wheel and the keys fell early. Matched all the keys and finished with moves to spare.

  7. I became unfocused on this level and was going nowhere fast. Tip should just read: GET KEYS. After you get keys the candy will drop to last two rows with one or two moves left. Use Hammer, if necessary. BOOM! -SugarCat

  8. crappiest level yet, im finding most of these new levels boring

  9. Dumbest level so far.

    1. King n'a toujours pas compris que les joueurs veulent jouer, et pas souffrir sur presque chaque niveau, ce qui laisse penser que pour king, faire souffrir les gens est une source de plaisir...


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