Candy Crush Saga Level 1028

Hints and tips for level 1028 Candy Crush Saga
This can be a tricky level if you don't have a bit of luck with the candies.
The conveyor in the middle is the hardest to clear and making matches in there is not easy. You may be able to set up matches, if you see a potential match on the conveyor you can leave it until it is in the middle before you make the match, but overall it's always best to try to make combos.
Colour bombs are always useful, and stripe/ wrap combos will also clear a lot of jelly.
Colour bomb with a stripe is best of all, this will clear a lot of jelly, although doesn't give many points and will mess up the board for the next few moves.
Clearing level 1028 shouldn't be too much of a challenge, getting 3 stars may be more of a challenge.
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  1. done with one hammer. yeah only 1 star for those who care. i dont. just wanna pass thru. focus to clear the middle area while try to make special candies at the bigger areas. raa

  2. Second try, no boosters, 12 moves left.
    Middle conveyer is hardest to clear. First try I ignored it because of bombs and spent over 20 moves at end trying to clear it. This time I started on it first. Had no combos just a few stripes. The bombs are fairly easy to get rid of.

  3. Second attempt middle column tricky. Bombs no problem.

  4. Another tricky one. The middle conveyor belt is difficult. Do not pass up a chance to take candy out of the middle. Ended up using one hammer to complete the board. Only 1 star.

  5. cant be that bad with only 5 comments - failed first try will see how it goes lol

  6. got it 2nd try fish booster worked matched with stripe candy 1 star

  7. Completed in 2nd attempt. Thanks for good hint/advice that concentrate on the middle.

  8. This is awful. Tried boosters, tips. Nada.

  9. JSN: The bombs are not a problem. Neither are the left and right conveyers. The best way to clear the middle conveyer is to prepare matches in the left conveyer and set them off when they reach the appropriate places in the center conveyer. Yeah, I know, nothing you didn't read in the earlier comments, just wanted to confirm that it's good advice.

    I, too, noticed that not many people are commenting. Wonder if players are getting tired of the game. I miss the three-day break I had to do something more constructive with my life after finishing an episode while I waited for the Tooth Fairy. Now I feel the need to get back to work...

  10. First try 3 stars - no boosters- just followed the tips given above and they worked

  11. Fish booster did the trick. Good tip to set up left side then wait till candies get to middle to help clear middle

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  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. Sorry for the deleted comments. They were for 1027. The way I'm going I'll never get to 1028 lol.


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