Candy Crush Saga Level 1120

Hints and tips for level 1120 Candy Crush Saga
You have to collect 5 ingredients to pass level 1120.
The first ingredient is already on the board but you can more or less forget about it as it will be released from the marmalade as you work on clearing the cream blockers.
You don't need to clear all the blockers to complete level 1120, just clear one or two so the ingredients can fall through to the bottom half of the board and out of the exits.
The second and third ingredients will fall down either when you get the previous ingredient out of the exit or on move 27 and 18.
The last 2 ingredients will fall down when you get the others off the board..
If you have moves in the bottom part of the board save them for when you have ingredients in the correct place to go down through the gaps you have made.
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  1. Tintin here. I see some new levels have arrived. I am up to about 1124 now, plodding along. I have no levels left to do on my tablet or phone so am going back and doing some just to collect the sugar drops. Does anyone know if there is any rhyme or reason to how or when those sugar drops appear in a game? I can't see any regular pattern. Thanks.

  2. The sugar drops are in the games where the level number bobs in and out on the ladder.

  3. MJM I'm at level 1131. What are some of your levels out there?

  4. level 1134..its a dandy...and not in a good way

  5. Used a coconut wheel (got 3). Reset until you can hit 2 sections of blockers. Avoid making a move that will drop your ingredient on top of a blocker that's not cleared yet, let it move along the conveyer to an opening. Wait to make moves in the bottom until ingredients are down there, unless of course there is an awesome combo

  6. After playing this level five times and using a Coconut Wheel twice that didn't help. I quit playing for the afternoon. Then decided to try it again. Finished with 21 moves left and three stars. So easy. Guess it was a lucky board.

  7. Cleared the middle 2 sections and saved bottom moves for moving ingredients. Got it on the first try, but would have used a coconut wheel to speed things up at the start.

  8. Fun and easy level. The conveyors make it fairly easy to clear the marangue and then all you have to do is get the ingredients off the conveyor. It helps that there are so many exits at the bottom.

  9. Could not get last fruit to fall on Pc tried on kindle and worked first time with moves to spare.

  10. Got this one on the first try with 21 moves! Thought I'd have a hard time from reading the posts, but the ingredients just flew right out.

  11. First of all Lynn, there are no conveyors on this level. I'm getting so tired of the difficulty of the luck involved in CC, especially lately. I'm becoming sick if the whole game. There are only a sprinkle of fun games now.

  12. The sugar drops are on the 1st level you play and not any others until you complete that level. You can get around this and get sugar drops each time you play by exiting candy crush on the one that has no sugar drops. Close out your iPad, iPhone by holding down the on/off switch until message appears switch to close. Close iPad and turn back on. Go into candy crush and you get sugar drops.

  13. Well after level 1119 this one was a blessing. I got it on the first try and only just got the last fruit down on the last move. No boosters either. Phew!


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