Candy Crush Saga Level 1275

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 1275 Candy Crush Saga by Allina Rumfelt
This is a really fun level with the potential for some high scores and awesome cascades.  You just need to open up the board  first. Pretty straight forward.  
Chocolate needs to be managed but it's not too overwhelming.  If you're having trouble clearing this board just follow basic clear the jelly strategy. 
Make every move count by dinging the blockers with each move, focus on the sides and corners, big combos like a double chocolate bomb combo or chocolate bomb / stripe combo really clears a lot of jelly.  If you're going for stars or points, go for the chocolate bomb/wrap combos.
Remember to check the whole board before every move to make the best combos.
Video below

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  1. This also was an easy fun level. First try, no boosters, three stars, two moves left. Just chipped away at the blockers and got quite a few stripes and the odd wrap. They just seemed to self detonate causing lots of cascades. Towards the end I got a chocolate bomb/stripe combo which really helped with the last few jellies on the sides. Bombs were fairly easy to keep in check.

  2. Really fun level (for a change!). This will be great for sugar drops! Managed almost 2 million. Cascades go on at the end for a good 2 minutes. Loved this one! Good luck everyone, but you won't need it here. Just smash as much as you possibly can. Combos, combos, and combos!

  3. Ok I have been playing this level for days and have never had a board like in the video with so many cascades and special candies given to me. My boards take about ten moves just to open up slightly with lots of reshuffles thrown in as well. Is it possible that there is an extra color if playing on iPad? I can't believe this isn't designated a hard level and it most certainly hasn't been fun either

    1. You're right. Have been stuck for days as well. iPad and iPhone have an extra color candy that video above doesn't. Very hard to make combos and very frustrating!

  4. I was stuck for days as well. After I read these comments I checked app updates. Changed everything. Now the level plays like the video and can easily be beaten.

  5. On my iPad it turned out to be a fun and easy level. I used a switch hand to match two sprinkles that appeared, and everything exploded leaving just a few candies to match. The final cascades went on for ages!

  6. No effort or strategy needed to play this level. Just play and enjoy the game and it will get completed. Real fun. Should not have come at 1275 but at 1, 2, 5 or 7 level.

  7. Hi all.

    Passed 4 million points here. Easiest level in the game yet.



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