Candy Crush Saga Level 1284

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 1284 Candy Crush Saga
A pretty simple jelly level, there is no jelly under the cream blockers down the sides of the board, but there is jelly under the blockers in the middle.
You need to clear some of the blockers to give you room to make specials and combos, there are only 30 moves so you need to make every one count so matches of 3 won't clear level 1284.
Work as close to the bottom as you can but remember to check the whole board before every move and use the conveyor to get your combos together.
Video below
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Anonymous said...

I'm having a really hard time with this one. I can't manage to clear the center. Anyone have any tips for that? Chocolate bombs have not been any help, yet.

Anonymous said...

Yet another mind numbingly boring level where you only get one choice of move which is usually useless. No skill involved here. No fun just waiting for a lucky board - again!

Anonymous said...

I did have jellies under the bottom few blockers on the sides. After trying to set up some moves in the very bottom center they kept dropping out of sight and then I realized the top candies drop down. So you have some control over what happens in the top center. After that I was able to set up candies in the center jellies once I had the blockers cleared. I tried watching the video above but couldn't get it to play. I actually had 50 moves on this level on mobile. Finished with 11 moves left, first try, no boosters.

Van5 said...

I had a jelly under the bottom right blocker and also one at the bottom of the left side. I had trouble getting the middle bit done and ended up having to use a hammer on the last jelly there. Couldn't seem to get a vertical stripe to go down there on either try, so with 56 hammers I didn't mind using one. I play on iPad and also had 50 moves to do this. Good luck everyone! On we go.

Anonymous said...

Got this on the first try by forming stripes below the column with jellies. Lucky board as everything fell into place nicely with a convenient choco bomb to take out the final jellies. Am relieved to finally get to games that don't need boosters to win. Good luck all.

Anon lafy said...

Yes, me too - only took one try with no boosters to win this level. What's next after two easy ones??

Cat said...

Hi all.

Easy peazy here.

1st try, 9 moves left.

Bill. said...

Quite difficult to get the middle column of jellies need a vertical striped candy. Took five attempts.

robin w said...

Hey King-thanks for the last 3 levels. The game is actually fun again!