Candy Crush Saga Level 1300

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 1300 Candy Crush Saga by Allina Rumfelt
A typical end of episode "boss" board.  
You have a bunch of obstacles on this one but thank goodness no bombs and no chocolate.   
You have to get 5 cherries with a small play area, crates, bricks, conveyors and cakes.  
First thing to do is release the ingredients from the crates.  Once the crates are broken the cherries need to get past a 2 or 3 hit blocker and that's it.  
Try to use the conveyors to bring your special candies together.  With "lucky" boards,  you will get lots of special candies from the cascades, with unlucky boards - you have to make them all.  
Lucky boards - it was easy to pop one of the cake cannons and that will clear a layer off the blockers, for unlucky boards I found it easier to just try and break through the blockers on my own with stripes and wrapped candies rather than to use the cakes, they can be a huge distraction trying to get the lower pieces when you could just get through the blockers on your own.
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  1. After struggling with this level (1300), I used a coconut wheel and got it on the first try.

  2. Wow, King made a bundle for the sale... congrats!

  3. Agreed, don't stress about the cakes. Just make combos to break cages. Probably a lucky board for me , 1st try lots of moves left

  4. 31 moves left, first try, no boosters. Just break the cages and you're good.

  5. 1st try, no boosters, 1 star. Didn't clear the cakes but got the fruit down with stripes & stripe+wrap combos.

  6. Also first try. Concentrated in freeing the cherries. Stripes and wraps did the trick. On the last move the cakes were both cleared which brought me up to 2 stars. Good luck everyone!

  7. Managed to get 4 ingredients down without trying and last one trapped by a one hit blocker. Used a hammer on last move and down it came.

  8. I spent far too long trying to break the cakes. Finally I just decided to work on getting the cherries to drop down on their own. The first time I tried it this way, I beat it. I did this by making mostly all stripes and I cleared it with 32 moves left. Don't waste your time with the cakes and take your time looking for possible stripes before each move.

  9. Thank you Vandi for your helpful tip, which worked after afew tries. I ignored the cakes. No boosters needed.

  10. Ignore the cakes completely concentrate on the middle bricks only took two attempts.

  11. Don't worry about the pizzas (yes, I know, but I think they look more like pizzas than cakes.) I came close the first time with no boosters. Started my second attempt with a coconut wheel. I used the wheel to try and finish a pizza. I never did, but got enough vertical striped and striped-wrapped combos to finish easily. Quite a string of easy levels King is giving us. But can it last?

  12. c/candycrush here

    Fun. You feel as if you are playing the board, not the board playing you. It's easy enough but you may have to play a few rounds before you get it.

    Just unlock the cherries & clear a path, you don't have to clear the cakes, I didn't.
    No boosters needed really.
    3/10 difficulty

  13. I love how different people call things different names cages,bricks etc....


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