Candy Challenge levels.

Mobile players have been getting many challenges to win boosters, usually they have to collect a certain number of candies of one colour from any level they want to play.
We have been getting a lot of players on our All Help Group asking which levels are best for whatever the colour is that they need for the challenges.
I decided to try to collect all the information together so that whatever colour is needed you can find the best levels all in one place. Here are the suggestions from our group members.

What are the best levels for orange candies?
55, 252, 268, 281, 336, 339, 435, 666, 1000

What are the best levels for blue candies?
55, 222, 252, 268, 276, 281, 666, 1000, 1168.

What are the best levels for colour bombs?
202, 252, 281, 336, 666, 1000, 1276.

What are the best levels for red candies?
128, 140, 220, 236, 299(very good), 455 (very good), 
746, 819, 846, 1039, 1138, 1186, 1317.

What are the best levels to get green candies?
202, 268, 276, 281, 282, 336, 344, 400, 591, 595, 621, 
666, 1000.

We are still compiling the lists for the other colours and will complete this page as we find the best levels.


Karen said...

Any help for a RED color challenge? Red doesn't appear in the 252 level, which is my GO TO level for other color challenges.

Anonymous said...

1055 is great for color bombs!

NQL said...

111 is great for red candies!

Lita said...

1108 also great to collect blue, green and orange candies

michelle mcbride said...

1000 is great for orange, green and blue

Anonymous said...

1476 is excellent for all its four colours of blue, green, purple and orange. With multiple cascades, it almost plays itself.

Anonymous said...

1280 for green, orange and blue

Lisa M. said...

Level 128 is good for RED candies AND easily winnable so you can keep them!

Mariellen Jordan said...

Can you do the red candy challenge more than once in the 48 hours?

Anonymous said...

Any idea what's the best level(s) for wrapped candies?

Wonder Women said...