Candy Crush Saga level 1371

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 1371 Candy crush Saga without boosters.
First collect the keys locked in the central section, try to get some mini cascades going as you do which will help collect the colours you need.
Once you have the 2 colour bombs use them straight away! You don't want to collect any more keys before you switch the colour bombs. If you collect keys and the opposite side gets opened before you switch your colour bombs you will lose the second colour bomb combo.
The remaining keys will fall down in the left part of the board, which will open the second side and give you your second colour bomb combo.
After that just try to make combos to collect the remaining colours you need.
More tips by Allina
The trick to this level is getting the 2 double chocolate bomb combos.  Which is pretty simple if you get the keys. Once the sides unlock they both will give you 2 side by side chocolate bombs.  Do them right away so you can get the other side before running out of moves.  The chocolate bombs to not teleport to the center so no use trying to pair them with a green or blue.  After that just focus on your colors... not to difficult of a level but I did have to play it a couple times to pass.
Video below
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Anonymous said...

Looked easier than it is

Annonymous said...

Agree. Tips anyone? Appears to requore a lucky board. Not much room for strategy.

LynnR said...

Thanks Alina. Got it first try after reading your tips.

LynnR said...
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Bling59 said...

Too easy but it makes a nice change.

Bill. said...

First attempt. Get the keys then explode the chocolate bombs. Blue candy last to get.

Anonymous said...

Wtf?!!!!!! Reset the board and made one move then the game was over!!!!! Thank you cc for taking my life after one move!!!!!!! I'm done with your shenanigans..

Anonymous said...

Thank you

Anonymous said...

I'm not receiving credit for the chocolate sprinkle balls. I reported it to CC - they sent me a link to King Care - which was worthless as well. What gives with this level? It's about to become a thing of the past. :-(