Candy Crush Saga Level 1372

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 1372 without boosters
Level 1372 can be a bit tricky as the bombs are sometimes difficult to get out of the dispensers and into play so you can remove them.
Its really just a matter of looking carefully at the board and making the best move available every time. Don't ignore the bombs for too long or they will kill the game.
It is possible to make stripes and even colour bombs to help.
If you are struggling with this level a jelly fish booster would be helpful.
More tips by Allina Rumfelt
You can either try to use the end bombs in a move or try to drop them down onto the conveyor belts.  You do not have very many,  if any chances to get them all out in the open so they can be crushed , so start looking for those moves from the very start of the game.  When I played, sometimes the bombs dropped on the belt and sometimes they didn't. Once all the bombs have more moves on them than your available moves, just focus on the jelly.  It's tough getting combos on this board, if you don't see a chance to make any up top, concentrate on the bottom and maybe you will get a good cascade to help out. 
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  1. No comments on this one? I can't figure out how to get the side bombs to drop. Also can't figure out how to access the middle row! Help, anyone?

  2. I started with a fish and had to use 2 hammers at the end to get two in the middle row. Good luck!

  3. I find this level frustrating. When I checked it says you have 25 moves to complete this level. I'm only getting 16 moves to complete this level.

  4. Boooorrrriiiinnnngggggggg. I've gone over to play Alphabetty instead. At least that game gets my mind working and it's different every time. I'll come back to Candy Crush when I've had a break.

  5. Concentrate on the bombs if you get pass them then you stand a chance. Got to one jelly three times.

  6. I played this level a couple of times, then came here to look for tips. There weren't a whole bunch, but I took the advice of the person who said to start with a fish booster. I'm playing on an iPhone so I reset until I had a board where I could make at least one striped candy (It landed on the top conveyor row and my fish was at the bottom but I thought that would at least give me a chance to combine them.) Then I made as many moves as I could towards the bottom of the board to at least have the chance of a cascade - unless of course I could rid myself of one of the ticking time bombs. I ended up with just one jelly left in the middle and 15 moves left on both the bombs and in the game. I was totally prepared to use a lollipop to get rid of it if I had to, but was able to match it in the very last move. The fishes came in very handy, so thanks for that tip.

  7. This was a hard one. I played over 6-7 times and got bored with keeping the bombs at bay, especially when they were stuck on the sides and wouldn't drop. I'd be lucky if I made a couple of stripes and that was it. As I got close this time I ended up using a hammer to hit a bomb, two hand switches and another two bombs just to finish it.

    Good luck everyone.

  8. This one is a tough one. Took several attempts. The only way to get the end bombs to fall is to hit the end candy on the conveyor belt below. Easier said than done. I was able to finish using no boosters but I'm sure a lucky board was the reason. A few stripes helped but be sure to clear the blockers directly under before using or the stripe hits the blocker and are useless.

  9. Got the lucky board the first time. Doesn't happen often. Thank God. This one looks tough.


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