Candy Crush Saga Level 1665

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 1665 Candy Crush Saga without boosters by Cookie
Level 1665 can be quite a fun level, it can also be frustrating as there are few opportunities for good moves and often your planned moves get spoiled on the restricted board.
Unlock the two locked candies early so you have more chances to make good combos, then work in the bottom half, remembering to check the whole board before every move as very often there will be chances to make colour bombs in the top half.
The difficulty of level 1665 is the shortage of moves, you can't afford to waste any so make every move count by either making a special candy, combo or firing off one or the other.
Colour bomb/wrap combos will give you the best scores.
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Bill. said...

Fun level and not too difficult. As Ms Cookie said, clear the locked candies to enable the board to flow easily. Work on the bottom half to reset the top half and keep an eye out for the opportunities to make chocolate balls and stripes. A couple of chocolate balls matched with stripes clears the board very quickly.

CC from vero said...

Still had the sprinkle gift from King so used that with a stripe to clear a ton. Had to use two hammers to stop the bombs but got it first try.

Anonymous said...

1st try, no boosters, 7 moves left, 3 stars. Pretty straight forward.

Anonymous said...

I was able to combine the sprinkle chocolate freebie with a candy wrap I made and cleared the board quickly and easily. Diane

CC from vero said...

Sorry for my troll above. Im still stuck on level 1662.

Real CC from vero said...

This is my troll.

JB said...

Extremely enjoyable level. Got it 3rd try with no booster help. Combos come easy, matched a colour bomb with a stripe to finish with 3 moves left.

Anonymous said...

Jumped ahead of my level here to address the Bill issue, found the real Bill comments very helpful before the trolls, could the real Bill post with a photo so we know who is who? Looking forward to seeing you Bill, Bill. Bill?