Candy Crush Saga Level 1668

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 1668 Candy Crush Saga without boosters by Cookie
You need to collect 4 ingredients to complete level 1668 Candy Crush Saga. The exits are below the locked cells at the bottom of the board, so first you will need to collect the keys to unlock the exits.
If you make most of your moves in the middle part of the board that's where the ingredients will fall and it's easier to clear the blockers in just one section rather than having to clear everything.
Level 1668 is not a hard level so you shouldn't have too much trouble with it as long as you take the time to look at the board for colour bombs and combos.
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Bill. said...

Another easy level, concentrate on the middle of the board after you've cleared those keys and combos will clear the way. No need to clear the blockers on the sides, as long as you've concentrated on the middle as your fruit will fall in the middle.

Anonymous said...

I found the last levels all easy and done on the Wednesday they came out.

Bill. said...

This is my troll folks.

Please shive off!

CC from vero said...

Focus on combos. No need to clear the cream blockers.
Very simple straightforward level.
Good luck all!

JB said...

Extremely enjoyable level here. Combos come very easy and the only goal is to clear the creamers that are on the board.

A few stripe/wrap combos did it for me on my 4th try. Gl all.
JB (The real one)

BW said...

Has anybody ever gotten to the treasure chest and it hasn't opened? I'm sitting at the chest, made it there, but it didn't open, and I can't play the level because the chest is covering it?! Any suggestions, thank you.

BW said...

I posted here because the chest is sitting on this level.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes the treasure chest won't open for me on my iPhone, but the problem usually resolves if I click on an earlier level then back out of that level.

Anonymous said...

Treasure chests sometimes don't open for me right away, but they always do eventually.

Denise said...

Why am I struggling with this level and everybody else thinks it's easy??