Candy Crush Saga Level 1693

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 1693 Candy Crush Saga without boosters by Cookie
This can be a frustrating level, you need to make sideways stripes to clear the blockers and allow the fruit to fall down.
Once the blockers are clear you can make matches under the teleports on the right side of the board when the ingredients are OVER the teleports on the left side, this will bring them down into the main part of the board and out the exits.
The difficulty is getting the top blockers, but once you have the ingredients on the conveyor they will move around in a circle from top to bottom and back again. So as long as you clear the top blocker you can get the ingredients down to the exits. 
The top teleport on the left leads to the left teleport on the right, and the bottom teleport leads to the right teleport on the right, so there is no real need to clear the bottom blocker to collect the ingredients.
Timing is everything on level 1693. You have to make your moves at just the right time to collect the ingredients.
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Anonymous said...

Once again PC has 34 moves but only 20 moves on Android

Anonymous said...

Often the candies on the conveyor belts have colors that coincide beside the cream blockers. So if you can get a chocolate bomb and hit the correct color, then you can open the top and bottom cream blockers at once. You still need one extra hit for a bottom cream blocker though. Still, I found this was a good strategy for clearing this board. This works on PC and mobile, but in my mobile games, the colors matched up every time (on PC, only sometimes).

Unknown said...

If you think this level is challenging and frustrating with 34 moves, just try it with 20 moves, which is what you get on the iPhone- WTF King? Why the different standards? Please make this game uniform and stop making it harder on mobile devices

Anonymous said...

Coconut wheel is your friend here.

Anonymous said...

Yes, coconut wheel, and reset the board till will get the top 2 blockers.

Bill. said...

Real Bill. No boosters needed. 1st try. Color bomb easy to make. Matched with a stripe. 4th fruit down on last move. Gl

Lynn in Texas said...

Nothing but a lucky board, tried once and failed, after seeing peoples hints tried again. Almost burned a coconut wheel but decided to try on my own like usual for a couple of days. Got two sprinkle bombs and done. Of course that means I will be stuck on the next level for two weeks! Hang in there, these unfun levels do not take skill, just dumb luck! Hang in there, they have run out of ideas.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this tip about the chocolate bomb! Worked beautifully for me :)

Anonymous said...

Why does it seem that so many of these levels are not labeled as "hard" but are impossible to pass unless given a lucky board?? Could I please get one??

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you!!!!
Another NO skills but lucky board here.

I have used 5 Wheels, 4 hands, 4 hammers, bombs AND combo still not able to win!!!!!!!!! King, #/\@!/\&&####

As usual I am going to stop using any boosters, and use this time to build up my boosters while waiting on getting a lucky board.