Candy Crush Saga Level 1703

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 1703 Candy Crush Saga without boosters by Cookie
Level 1703 is a dual task level, you have to collect 4 ingredients at the same time as clearing all the jelly.
All you really need to do is clear the two cake bombs, they will get the ingredients down for you.
There are 2 things that stop this from being a really easy level, the first is the bombs, they only have a 5 move counter so need to be cleared almost as soon as they appear.
The second is the number of moves, you only get 30 moves to clear everything so there are none to spare.
Make every move count by looking carefully at the board. Try to make moves that will achieve more than one objective.. Clear a bomb and a piece of cake for example. This way you won't waste moves.
Once the cake bombs are cleared you will just about be finished.
Stripe/wrap combos are best for clearing the cakes, let them drop to the bottom so you get both cakes with the one combos if you can.
Video below.
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  1. i hate this level already....and I thought the last level was one of the most spiteful for a while. I think you just have to wait for luck. No way to beat the bombs....make vertical AND horizontal stripes to clear the cakes and I haven't gotten one opportunity for a wrap in about 20 tries so far. grrrr. I am getting really bored with CC. Been spending a lot of time playing Gummy's a fun game with a lot more to do than just chase impossible level after impossible level.'s not King's game!

  2. Horribly difficult and boring level. Not loving these combo levels.

  3. Ok, stupid lucky board first try couldn't believe it. Got 2 chocolate balls together and with 1 hand switch 2 more. Game over in about 8 moves. Quite certain I'm in for a doozie of a time coming up

  4. I found this level so easy, I did have my free sprinkle bomb on the board, only booster used. I have gone back to try to get more stars though. Good luck everyone.

  5. Gummy drop other is then...

  6. For me this level is impossible, I have been playing this for days now!! Pfffff

  7. Used all three boosters and got it.

  8. Does anybody know if that free spin wheel that shows up every so often costs you gold bars...I'm not referring to the daily one.

    1. You get one free every 40-48 hours. When you collect the first one there will be a counter under it count mg down to your next free one. Just clicking on it doesn't cost. You can exit out if it's not the free spin.

  9. Yes, if you notice, it tells you how many gold bars it will cost. Had deal if you ask me.

  10. Take a couple of hammers into this game and when you've broken most of the left hand cake break the rest to pass this boring level.

  11. Very difficult board. Get the first cake but not second. Need a lucky board.

  12. "All you really need to do is clear the cake bombs". Yeah, right. Give me a chance to do that, that doesn't take a friggen week. Thank you.

  13. Wow, thank you! Just passed it!!

  14. waiting on that lucky board..... bored already.

  15. Well, at first I got rid of the cake on top - but that didn't work.
    Then I focused on horizontal stripes for the cake on the bottom - which I thought was impossible to get.

    Oh yeah, then there's chasing bombs.

    So I played a bunch of sugar drop levels and I figured I would just have to hammer the last two pieces of cake, but using a stripe / wrap combo on the bottom did the trick. This is on the last line of her tips so I would focus on that.

    Good luck.

  16. I need a lucky 🍀 board!!


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