Candy Crush Saga Level 1712

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 1712 Candy Crush Saga without boosters by Cookie
Collect 6 ingredients and clear the jelly. The first job is to clear the marmalade so that you can make stripes and combos to clear the blockers on the right side of the board.
The ingredients need to go from the top to the bottom to get to the exits.
Once the blockers are cleared you can forget about the ingredients as they will simply fall from the dispensers and out of the exits.
Don't forget that you also have to clear the jelly, it's easy to forget that and concentrate just on clearing the blockers, but the good thing is that the combos you use to clear the blockers will also clear jelly.
Video below
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  1. No one has a comment?
    I cannot clear these blockers....

  2. Frustrating... so tired of crappy mobile levels....

  3. Comments weren't working for awhile on this level.
    Just keep trying for horizontal stripes, or stripe/wrap combos. You'll eventually get a good board and will clear the blockers.

  4. I was stuck on this level for a little bit, I ended up using a hand to move a sprinkle candy and stripe together. That took out a lot of the blockers. I wasn't to worried about the jellies, they kinda

    1. Posted too soon :)
      The jellies kinda cleared themselves with my combos, I focused more on the blockers.. Once they cleared all the cherries dropped

  5. This one took me more than a few tries. I found it really didn't work to use boosters. you'll get a chance to make lots of stripes but they have to be in the right spot. I finally got to hit the blockers several times with stripes then used a hammer to get two color balls next to one another. That took out the rest of the blockers and the rest of the jelly. Not hard, just tedious.

  6. Fish need better training5 April 2017 at 15:49

    Wasted boosters on this one....

    Just do the striped/wrap combo like in the video...

    I used a wheel and then it dropped a second wheel in the right column where there was nothing to roll over. I wasted a hammer on the dumb fish that lined up right next to it - the fish just took out a candy even though the only jelly not cleared was in the right column.

  7. Taking a while to get this one, horizontal stripes seem to drop below where you want them no matter what. Will keep trying, fingers crossed for a decent board.

  8. Come on King, what are you trying to do, this is so hard!!!


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