Candy Crush Saga Level 1766

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 1766 Candy Crush Saga without boosters by Cookie
There is a bomb locked in licorice strings on the left of the chocolate which needs to be cleared in the first 15 moves.
A stripe/wrap combo will unlock the chocolate and the bomb and as the chocolate is cleared the bomb will drop down into play so it will be easier to clear.
Once the bomb is gone it is a simple matter of making as many combos as you can to clear the jelly.
This can be quite a fun level as special candies and combos are easy to make.
However, getting three stars is more difficult, you'll need lots of colour bombs.
Video below

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  1. After several tries, I found out that it's almost impossible to create in 15 moves a stripe/wrap combo due to the limited 3 by 3 space to free the bomb and the chocolates locked in licorice strings on the left side, so what I did was start with the stripe/wrap booster, then reset until the striped and wrapped candies are side by side. I then detonated them to unlock the bomb and the chocolates. Clearing them and the remaining jellies was much easier.

    1. Alert! Consistent unauthorized charges by King. When I use my gold bars to buy more moves, they take my gold bars AND charge me $1.99 for 15 bars. I do not put in my password the receipt just shows up on my email. I've had to have Apple reimburse the charges 4 times. When I contact king, they don't bother to reply. Now I have blocked in app purchases. So when I try to use my gold bars, they won't let me. I guess if they cannot steal the money for me they won't let me use my gold bars. Please report any incident. If they're doing it to me they are doing it to other people.

  2. Only 18 moves on Android not the 23 in video...penalized again.

  3. Only 18 moves on IPad.

  4. Haven't looked at PC yet - kept running out of moves on android.
    PS If I broke the bomb and chocolate cages, most times the chocolate ate the bomb.

  5. Agree. Chocolate will eat the bomb if you release the bomb from its cage. Still trying to get the rest out though :)

  6. I found the fish booster was the most helpful by far to get rid of the bomb. The first fish on the board will immediately take out the licorice strips on the bomb and the second fish, when it appears, will take out the bomb itself. You can just forget about the bomb and concentrate on the rest of the board, knowing that the second fish will always appear in time. (At least it always did for me...)

  7. Finding this ridiculously hard. Fish were uselss. Even when I got rid of the bomb by some fluke still way too many squares to clear. Might need to save up a whole heap of hammers.

  8. fish worked for me on android. on desktop, only got one and failed to clear much. on android, they just kept coming, got several sprinkles too

  9. I took just two attempts. I couldn't get to the bomb the first time but the second time a couple of colour bombs mixed with a striped virtually wiped out the board. The rest was easy.

  10. After a couple of tries I found if I got a colour bomb and a wrapped the same colour as the timed bomb it blew up and I could then clear board.

  11. So glad remover this game, So i dont have to play this boring level and frustrating gameπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž

  12. Yeh! I boycott all the kingsize games and cc!!!!!!!!!!


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