Candy Crush Saga Level 1770

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 1770 Candy Crush Saga without boosters by Cookie
The biggest obstacle to passing level 1770 are the popcorns at the bottom of the board. You need to clear them to let the ingredients fall onto the conveyor.
The two most important ones on the left are the hardest to clear, but that is where the ingredients will drop, so unless you are very good at moving ingredients you need to clear the popcorns on the left.
Wrapped candies are best for growing popcorn as each one will give you two hits. Don't worry too much about the keys to begin with, you can use the colour bombs from the popcorn to get them and you don't really want too many ingredients sitting on the popcorn and blocking your moves.
You could try a coconut wheel booster but in my experience they never fall where you need them and are usually wasted. Another booster to try is the stripe and wrap, this may help more but it's doubtful as the board is restricted to begin with.
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  1. Used a coconut wheel and passed it on the first try.

  2. Yes coconut wheel did the trick for me too. First try. As I have over 500 of them, was happy to see it available to use!

  3. Yep. Coconut wheel is the easy answer.

  4. I won this level. When I came back to Candy Crush it's the only one blinking. I do not want to play it again! Move on.please. What can I do? I got all 4 nuts down and out and it . . .

    Also, any reason no treasure chests have been in the 1700's? Hubby is in 1500 and he had three last week and another todya!

  5. Yet again King excel themselves by making level 1769 "Hard" (I got it on the first try!), but this level not Hard and I've been really struggling with it.
    Can I suggest that King stop designating levels as Hard or nor Hard and let us, the stupid punters that we are, make up our own minds?
    Most of the time these days it's all about a lucky board and rally nothing to do with being Hard or otherwise.

  6. it first time no boosters ! Got all the keys first and grew all popcorns together.switched two sprinkles which dropped ingredients onto conveyor.Surprised myself :)

  7. Finally a use for the coconut wheel. Keep resetting the board until it is over the three popcorn on the left. The last two are the ones needed to move the nuts down. Don't worry about the keys. They can be wipped out when the popcorn pops.

  8. I never look at this blog until I've tried to pass several times and have failed dismally. I found Cookie's tip of going for the popcorn first brilliant (why didn't I think of that?) anyway used a coconut wheel just to be on the safe side and got it next go. Onwards and upwards...

  9. Good fun level after the last one. Passed first time with no boosters. I matched a sprinkle with a wrapped which opened two of the popcorn. Matched both sprinkles then two more opened then same again twice. The fruit dropped onto the conveyor and dropped off.

  10. Frustrated on this one. Used up all my coconut wheels and I still can't do it. The two left backers are difficult to remove.

  11. What? What happened? I won and don't know how. No boosters and 24 moves left. Early on I got a sprinkle and wrap together and that opened two popcorns. I switched the two sprinkles and next thing I knew the nuts were on the conveyer belt. I guess it was because the two popcorn I got was the far left two. Never even saw a key. I would suggest focusing on the far left popcorn.

  12. I won first time - no boosters.

    Switched Sprinkle with a wrap, then two Sprinkle Bombs together.

    I needed that.

    Good Luck.

  13. Ok i'm going to try coconut wheel and go for popcorn because i've being going for the keys first. Hope it works. It seems to be working for everyone else!

  14. This is so unfair, twice I got enough sugar drops for a prize and it didn't give me anything!!! It said connect to claim prize and I am connected!!!! So what's up with that?????


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