Candy Crush Saga Level 1812

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 1812 Candy Crush Saga without boosters by Cookie
Level 1812 is a collect orders level, you have to collect 24 yellow candies which are all provided by the lucky candies in the top half of the board.
First you''l need to clear the blockers down the middle to give you room to work as you need to make stripes and colour bombs to change the lucky candies into yellows.
You don't need to remove the thick blocker in the middle to clear the level but it helps a lot if you can as it allows the lucky candies and/or yellows to fall down into the playing area.
Remember to look for matches in the top once you begin to clear that area a bit, as the yellows match up and go you should be able to make some matches there.
Video below
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Mariellen Jordan said...

I matched candies in the top and they didn't turn yellow just disappeared????

Anonymous said...

A shuffle helps this board. Somehow I had one question mark candy left and it completed the board. I did make a yellow stripe from four yellows. Maybe the stripe counted as a fifth.

laurabithell said...

Mine too.

Anonymous said...

When you match candies at the top they disappear but the yellow count also goes down. They do turn yellow and then disappear. Grace from DU

Anonymous said...

Match 2 colour bomb it is great, I passed it so easy in this way

Anonymous said...

They matched that's why. Watch the counter as it counts down.

Buffy said...

Did it in 3 moves. Got stripe plus wrap that made checked candies yellow when in turn made then wraps. Exploded all in one hit.