Candy Crush Saga Level 1854

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 1854 Candy Crush Saga without boosters by Cookie
Collect the three cherries by clearing the blockers holding them in position, easy! Not.
The middle cherry is fairly easy as you can make stripes and combos in the middle of the board, The two on the outsides are a bit harder as it's not so easy to make the combos near the sides of the board and you can't make matches beside them.
Switching 2 colour bombs together is probably the most effective combo to get the cherries on each side, especially if they only need one hit. Colour bomb/stripe combos are good if you are lucky but the stripes don't always go where you want them.
A good booster to use on level 1854 is a coconut wheel, use it to clear some blockers at the side if you can.
Video below
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Anonymous said...

Ok on this one 2 days!!!! Difficult to!!

Ornursecandy said...

Used coconut wheel and sprinkle booster. Reset until they were side by side on the second row...then when they were matched, it hit everything once. On iPad.

Anonymous said...

Use coconut wheel & match with either wrap,sprinkle, or stripe. Wheel will keep appearing. Easy.

Anonymous said...

Awful level. Sprinkle with stripe always went in the wrong direction and missed the blockers. Coconut wheel weren't much good. Often there was only one, or the second dropped on zero moves, or they dropped during a cascade and set off horizontally. Ended up using two hammers.

Anonymous said...

I am surprised there's so few comments. Only 19 moves on Android, not 23. No boosters seem to help. Frustrated.

Marilyn said...

Too hard on desktop and my ipad doesn't support the game. This level is a turd.

Roshdy Sourour said...

the video presented shows that finishing the game was only pure luck since the color bomb created the necessary directions for every blocker. with me it creates all stripes in horizontal direction for no benefit.