Candy Crush Saga Level 1870

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 1870 Candy Crush Saga without boosters by Cookie
Level 1870 can be a very frustrating level and you need some luck at the start to get going.
You get three matches to begin with and often there are no further moves, even after the shuffle, so it's game over before you even get started.
However once you do manage to get moving it gets easier and it is not a hard level to complete.
You have to collect 8 cherries as well as clearing the jelly so you need to keep the cherries moving. You won't get new cherries until you get some off the board.
Once the licorice is cleared you will get some dropping from the dispensers at the sides, but not enough to cause too many problems. 
Level 1870 can be quite a fun level once you get started.
Video below
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  1. Piece of cake, yes, you get some shuffles in the beginning (2 times), but the 3rd attempt: bingo. You have so much moves in this level-:)

    Goofd luck from the Netherlands!

  2. Congrats to King! Another stupid Level. 5 lives gone, not one move made.

  3. Hahaha, another stupid level. ten lives gone in under 5 minutes and i didnt make a move. Who the hell is making up these levels?

  4. I got some sort of funky error message when I won with 3 stars!!

  5. This is ridiculous! I can't even make a move because I lose a life every time after it shuffles? It's not like buying a booster will help, so not sure what the purpose of this is. Soooo frustrating and stupid!

  6. @lala

    Something similar happened to me at level 1868! That's the level I was stuck on for about 5 days. I finally passed it with only 1 star, then the screen froze with 2 moves left. I used several coconut boosters to pass it, too. I wrote to King about it yesterday morning and took a screenshot if they want to see it... but they haven't answered me yet. I've since passed 1868 by some miracle. Now here on 1870. This game has lots of glitches.

  7. Only 25 moves on Android compared to 40 on PC. First try got all the cherries easily but left with 15 jellies. Second try used a Fish booster and passed with four moves left.

  8. First try, iPad, no boosters! Very lucky! Carol the elder

  9. Fun level. We could do with more like this instead of the timed levels.

  10. Third try. Managed to get a color bomb / wrap after the licorice was all gone. Looked super cool and cleared the board.


  11. First try. Used a sprinkle and wrap and it was virtually game over. Fun after the previous level.

  12. Agree with above poster --- great fun, and a sprinkle/wrap on the third try did it for me too.

    I'd like to see more levels like this one, in which there are numerous choices once the board opens up and it's doable without being boring.


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