Candy Crush Saga Level 1887

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 1887 Candy Crush Saga without boosters by Cookie
you have 40 moves to clear the jelly, which seems a reasonable amount until you see that the board is almost completely covered by blockers and there are very few moves to begin with.
You really need to work your way down through the blockers and clear the cake bombs to have any chance of clearing level 1887.
The sooner you clear the cakes the better, then you will have space to make combos and colour bombs to clear the remaining jelly.
If you are having trouble clearing level 1887 you could try using a jelly fish booster, which will help with the jelly but also may hit the cakes too.
Video below
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Anonymous said...

And the extra special bonus is you get one shuffle and if there are no matches you're done...I guess that's the new twist they've thrown in over the last couple of worlds. Honestly I wonder if I could get into The American Addiction Center.

Lucia said...

The shuffle is indeed evil. Completely unfair to give you a board with only a few candies on it and then punish you if there are no matches after one or two moves.

Tim McGinnis said...

Exactly my question too...has CC always just given one shuffle and out? or did it used to shuffle until it found an acceptable formation??? WTF??

Anonymous said...

The shuffle issue will be solved when the levels will be available via mobile devices. You all know you're playing in a kind of beta version when you play via fb. Anyway, it's a horrible level where you need luck.

I passed it within 4-5 attempts having some powerfull combos (strip/wrapped). But I also played levels not even cleaning half of the jelly... So, I guess you have to wait for the lucky board! But it will come, hard, but not that hard.

Good luck from the Netherlands!

Anonymous said...

These levels w/ the "shuffle flaw" absolutely suck! 3 lives in a row it happened, and 2 of them, I didn't even get to make a single move. C'mon, developers! If you don't want us playing anymore, just stop making new levels, and bring the game to an end. But this shuffle and immediately out horseshit has gotta' stop.

RM said...

First try with a fish booster; job done

Anonymous said...

Easy. Third try. Look for bomb combos.

Anonymous said...

I got it 2nd try with fish boosters..... 3 stars!

Sage said...

Sage here. There have been times when I had multiple suffles in a level.

Anonymous said...

On my iPad, I get no fish boosters. Just a colour bomb and a wrapped/striped combo.

Unknown said...

I've done color bombs, boosters, combos...what am I missing? This is way harder than it looks.

Gil said...

Lucky day continue, firts try, 369,540 points.
I managed to switch wrap/wrap early and it open all the middle, allow me to form and use strong combos on the cakes.
On to the next.

Gil said...

Summary of my lucky day:

1881 - Second try, 3 stars, 190,160, No Boosters

1882 - First try, 3 stars, 105,640, No Boosters

1883 - First try, 3 stars, 237,540, Sprinkle & Check Mark Boosters

1884 - First try, 1 star, 50,960, No Boosters

1885 - Seventh try, 1 star, 70,660, Sprinkle + Hand Switch Boosters

1886 - First try, 3 stars, 412,260, No Boosters

1887 - First try, 3 stars, 369,540, No Boosters

1888 - Used my 5 lives within 12 minutes (passed it on second try the day

Done for the day.

Anonymous said...

Boring...have only been close a couple of times out of many tries. I am feeling used and abused. This level sucks and I am closer to quitting than ever. CC can really sucks.

Anonymous said...

I feel I wasted a sprinkle booster because you don't start with that many colors.
Then I used a fish booster alone, wasting about 5 of them until it finally worked and I finished. Thanks for the tip,

Anonymous from India. said...

Thanks for the tip... second try used fish booster....passed the level with 5 moves to go.

Richard / Linda said...

Aghhhh been stuck on this level for days.