Candy Crush Saga Level 1889

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 1889 Candy Crush Saga without boosters by Cookie
You have to collect 50 blockers in 25 moves.
The tricky part is getting the licorice out of the way so you can make some decent moves to clear the blockers. The first few moves are pretty much taken up with clearing licorice out of the way and since there are not too many moves it doesn't leave you with many to clear the blockers.
There are also 6 colours on the board which makes it harder still to get those combos that are needed.
The good thing is you needn't worry too much about the score as it seems to give you the pass as long as you collect the blockers.
If you have some boosters to spare you can hit the UFO with a lolly hammer at the start to get things moving. This by no means guarantees that you will pass, you need some luck with the candies to ensure you clear enough blockers.
Look for stripe/wrap combos but make sure there isn't too much licorice blocking them. Colour bombs won't help with the licorice, but they will help with the blockers once the licorice is out of the way a bit.
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  1. Have seen this described as 'easy' elsewhere - plenty of goes at it and only once got near to getting the UFO. Seems to be too few moves, most of which are taken up with useless moves with no other options. Frustrating - especially when it continually shuffles as there are no moves left and then decides there are no possible moves left, when there could have been...

  2. The 'use a lolly hammer to activate the ufo' worked out for me! Great tip. Still, it's a hard level, and I had only one move left. Without this ufo, you can allmost forget it to clear this level.

    Good luck from the Netherlands!

  3. I rarely get to have a go at this as it shuffles and decides that there are no possible moves when there obviously are. Fix this bug!!

  4. I used the tip and popped the ufo with a lolly hammer and it worked brilliantly! I still had plenty of moves left and scored 93,780. That really was a great tip - thanks!

  5. Yep. The lolly hammer on the ufo work! Well worth using that booster.

  6. CC from vero😎11 August 2016 at 09:25

    Great tip!

  7. Didn't use hammer to hit UFO .... I didn't have any problems making my way down to the UFO and using it normally. After that it was a piece of cake to get the rest of the blocks. Not a hard level, maybe a lucky board??? I succeeded on the 3rd try.

  8. Thanks for the lollipop tip, Cookie! It worked.

  9. Thanks - the lollipop hammer worked a dream!

  10. Another garbage fucked up level which is about as fun as a root canal. Fuck CC this game sucks so bad since the greedy fucks took over. Will never pay king hell I'm moving on Fuck candy crush and there greedy amateur developers

    1. We don't need your vile rants here gutter gob.
      As others have said to previous nasty mouthed posters - kids use these boards too!

  11. Yet another pure luck level at Candy Crush Saga.

  12. So I didn't think this was a particularly easy level. I was actually getting pretty frustrated (and nowhere lol) until I came here and read Ms Cookies advice. Previously I had only gotten to the ufo twice after lots of attempts and didn't have enough moves left at that point to do anything. I tried the lollipop twice but didn't quite get enough of the cremes (you don't have to clear every single one to finish). The third time I kept re-setting the game until I had at least a couple of moves on the board before I started. I played until I didn't have any moves left that would destroy some of the creme blockers. I got down to 8 moves before I used the lollipop. This time the wrapped candies all had to land in spots where they could do a lot of damage and they took out all but 4 or 5 of the remaining blockers. I finished with 3 stars and one move to spare and 1 blocker left on the board. Hope this helps someone who's still stuck. GL!

  13. I started with a color bomb but didn't detonate it until I had no further moves. I then used the hammer on the UFO. Fortunately, the color bomb remained intact until I got close to finishing. I used the bump on a color, and completed the game with 12 moves left. Thanks for the tip.

  14. Hammer worked for me Thanks!!


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