Candy Crush Saga Level 1901

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 1901 Candy Crush Saga without boosters by Cookie
Level 1901 Candy Crush Saga is a dual task level, you have to collect the 9 cherries as well as clear the jelly.
To collect the cherries you just need to clear the three blockers holding them in place and they will all drop down through the portal and out of the exit at the top.
To clear the blockers you can either use stripes which you make on the right or stripe/wrap combos, but make sure that there is no licorice blocking the blast and preventing you from hitting the blockers.
A quicker and more sure way of collecting the fruit is a double colour bomb combo, this will clear all the blockers and licorice and leave you with just the remaining jelly to clear.
This combo is not as hard as it sounds because if you can make 2 colour bombs you can use the conveyor to get them together.
Don't forget about the bombs, they don't have a long countdown so shouldn't be ignored, although with so few colours on the board the bombs are not a big problem.
If you are struggling with level 1901 you could try a coconut wheel booster used vertically when the licorice is out of the way it may clear the blockers for you.
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  1. I hope I can do that. Two color bombs in the first three moves and finishing with 23 moves left. Will I be that lucky?

  2. Yes, luck is possible. Two color bombs falling side by side, and after explosion 3 jelly ones remaining. Fun? Not really....22 moves left,3 stars. Only level 1861 was easier..........

  3. As we don't have the option to use a Coconut wheel for combination levels on mobile
    I used a fish booster and finished with 17 moves left.

  4. Fish is your friend here. First fish took out all the fruit blockers, leaving me with just jellies left to kill. More fish appeared and dealt with the last few.

  5. Definitely the fish booster! Won first time I used it.

  6. No coconut wheel on PC. After a few failed tries I used the fish booster to pass. I had managed to get all the fruit without the booster but I couldn't clear the jellies under the licorice.

  7. I'd rather be lucky than good any day. On my third attempt at the level, I used a lollypop hammer to move two candy balls next to each other very early in the game. This left a handful of jellies to get which was easy enough.

  8. On my laptop, coconut wheel gave me 328,000 pts. Easy.....

  9. Really? Been on this one for days.

  10. I couldn't have done it without the fish booster as all the stripes and specials didn't were cancelled out by the licorice.... hate that!!

  11. I've been playing this level for 5 days. No boosters left and was able to ge two color bombs but can't get them together. Help!

  12. You need a lot of luck on this one. That's it I'm done playing this stupid game.

  13. Why am I the only one having trouble with this? It's so frustrating and taking the fun out of it. I give up!


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