Candy Crush Saga Level 1931

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 1931 Candy Crush Saga without boosters by Cookie
You have to collect the three ingredients to complete level 1931.
This is a fairly straightforward level without too many difficulties.
The hardest thing to do is to unlock the cells left and right which are blocking the portals that the ingredients have to go through. This can be done using colour bombs or other combos.
Avoid moving the ingredients out of their columns or you will have to move them back again which can be hard to do.
The chocolate can be a bit of a pain as it can easily block your moves, especially at the sides where you need them the most to get the fruit down. Keep it under control as much as you can while still looking for those stripes and colour bombs you need to clear the fruit from the board.
A coconut wheel booster may be helpful providing it drops in a useful position.
Video below
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Lucia said...

This is NOT an easy level.

Lucia said...

Amendment: This is an impossible level. "Without too many difficulties"? Well, I suppose if you get a ridiculously lucky board with color bombs and combos magically falling into place as in the video, that would be true.

Anonymous said...

Just did it! First try no boosters! I'm sure I got a lucky board ... I was able to make vertical stripes a few times AND I was lucky to get two colour bombs which happen to get besides one another. Hang in there crushers, lucky board will come.

Anonymous said...

Coconut wheel absolutely best way to go.

Anonymous said...

This is a ridiculous level. I got it first try on the fourth move with two colour bombs that just happen to form next to each other.

Lorraine said...

Im suprised there isn't more comments on here. This is not an easy board unless you get that lucky board like they always seem to get in the videos.

Anonymous said...

Been trying to get passed this level forever. Buggered if i can. Can't even get the chance to make many boosters because of the bloody chocolate. Over CC at the moment :(

michelle mcbride said...

Stupid... Just stupid.... I keep saying enough
..this may be it

Anonymous said...

I just got lucky! Finally!! First try-two color bombs next to each other!!! Three stars- done deal :)
about time

Jennifer said...

This level was frustrating. It doesn't SEEM difficult, but I just wasn't having any luck. I tried many times on my phone and the computer to no avail. I came here and read the tips and tried a coconut wheel. I got it on my third try, but still had to use a hammer and it came down to the last move.

Anonymous from India. said...

I lost all my boosters in my last level...dunno...but they just disappeared... posting for luck n am waiting for my lucky board