Candy Crush Saga Level 1951

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 1951 Candy Crush Saga without boosters by Cookie
Level 1951 Candy Crush Saga is a dual task level, you have to collect 10 ingredients and clear the jelly.
The ingredients are no problem at all, all you have to do is clear the two cake bombs and the ingredients will fall down and out of the exits.
Then you just have to clear the jelly. This is fairly easy on the right side of the board, but since there are no candies in the jelly on the left side of the board you will need to use stripes and stripe/wrap combos to clear them.
Use the conveyor to get your combos into position, especially for the higher jellies that are a bit harder to hit. The candies move to the top of the board from the bottom right so let your stripes go through the portal then you can drop them into position from there.
A jelly fish booster is a useful booster to use on this level as it will clear the jellies which don't have a candy in them.
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  1. Fish booster did the trick. Three stars and many moves left.

  2. I just purchased your bargain bundle that included 100 gold bars, when I get back to the game I have 88 and I already had 13, so should now have 113, what is going on King, the fact I paid for anything is a miracle but I don't want to be cheated along the way?!!

  3. Much easier on PC

  4. Impossible......again!!

  5. Fish are your friends!

  6. Only 20 moves on my iPad. Programmers stink on this game with different number of moves on different systems. Impossible with only 20 moves.

  7. Fish plus a coconut wheel to help cut the cake. First try.


  8. Don't worry about the jellies on the right side of the board. After removing the two cakes, those jellies will be gone but not some of the jellies on the left side. The fish booster will remove them...

  9. Finished level, all clear - but no, Candy Crush said there was 1 more jelly somewhere! Where??? Did not see any jelly left.

  10. Here we go again! Only 20 moves on PC. What a load of bollocks. This happens all the time. I come here for help and see miss smarty pants, Ms Cookie KIrby show us a video that has more moves. What the hell is the point?? So try passing it with only 20 moves.

  11. This should be a HARD LEVEL. Fish boosters didn't work fo me, used em up. "All you have to do is break the cakes" yeah, right, like they're so easy to break with so few moves and lost all my fish to nothing. Damn fish don't go where they need to. They hit candies with no jelly behind them and if they do hit a cake, they miss the one piece of cake left...ugh..hate this level. Can't even get close to getting the jellies on the left...riiight....


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