Candy Crush Saga Level 1986 tips and video

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 1986 Candy Crush Saga without boosters by Cookie
Level 1986 is a straightforward jelly level.
You will need to clear the cake bombs as there is jelly under them so look for ways to hit them with each move you make.
The outside top corners of the cakes are the hardest to hit, but if you make sideways stripes in the middle you can get them into position using the teleport. If the stripe is in the bottom half you can bring it back level with the cakes by making matches beside them.
Colour bomb/stripe combos should help a lot as long as you have candies the same colour as the stripe in the correct positions to hit the cakes.
Stripe/wrap combos are also good if you can gwet them into a useful position.
Video below
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Anonymous said...

No comments, I am surprised. Another level where thing blow up for no reason. After about 20 tries I finally managed to break both cakes then watched as my last 20 moves passed by without the final key showing up so was unable to unlock the glitter ball.
All in all it seems to be unpassable, for me anyway.

Helpme said...

Some of us are still not able to get this till wed

Anonymous said...

Fish booster really helps. Got it in two trys

Anonymous said...

Clear the cakes it says. I think that's pretty obvious however its impossible without booster IMHO. As there is jelly under the cakes you don't have to play many moves to realise that you are on to a lost cause. Really boring and typical of a first game of a new level. Designed to keep us up at this level behind I think. No skill here as every combo you set up will either be in the wrong place to hit the cakes or blow itself up before you can use it. Another tedious wait for a lucky board. And this game used to be such fun.

Peachie said...

Thanks to the person (s) recommending fish. Got it first try.

Anonymous said...

Odd... I found this one to be very easy, but maybe I got a lucky board on my first attekmpt since I managed to get a colour bomb against a stripe with a lot of that colour on the board. That basically cleared the cakes, and then the last fifteen moves was mop-up of a few remaining jellies (played on mobile, where it might be easier).

michelle mcbride said...

Struggling here ... Fish not working

Anonymous said...

After several boosters not getting thru, used hammers to break the last of the pie, done again!