Candy Crush Saga Level 2008 tips and video

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 2008 Candy Crush Saga without boosters by Cookie
Although level 2008 is not classified as a hard level I found it to be quite a challenge.
You have to grow all the popcorns in the bottom left and each time you grow one you will get licorice falling from the dispenser above it.
Stripes and stripe/wrap combos are needed and use the conveyor to get them into position to hit the popcorns. I also found a colour bomb/wrap combo worked well, but if you use that combo make sure there are some candies the same colour as the wrap close to the popcorns or it will be wasted.
Ignore the fish unless you can switch one with a stripe or wrap, they will be used as you play but you don't really need them to clear the jelly. The fish will be most useful at the end if you have one or two jellies left to collect, but it's unlikely the fish will last that long anyway. 
Look carefully at the board and take your time, this is not an easy level but it is possible without boosters.
Video below
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Anonymous said...

So I finished the episode.... Candy Crush is getting easier since they give so many boosters away. I just went and got my daily dose and easily flew through this one. Missed Miss Cookie's help, but I made it by myself ha! Onward crushers!

Anonymous said...

I need help! not getting even close

Unknown said...

Used what boosters? Not coming close and don't want to use up wrong boosters. I find this one very hard.

simon carter said...

This one is hard tried many times used my boosters hard to grow the popcorns with so many candies on the board waiting for lucky board

Gil said...

The PC has total of 158 (!!!) more moves in this episode than Android.

I am playing only on Android (All 2015 levels), so, I am not playing the same game as PC players, and did much harder way to reach this far.

I feel deceived.

Anonymous said...

I managed to pass this first time, admittedly with the help of the free spin. With the penultimate move I hit some popcorns, and two choc bombs fell next to each other. Switching them together nearly cleared the board. I had a free spin available, and managed to win 15 free moves ... but only needed three to mop up.

CC from Vero said...

This level is BS!!!

Anonymous said...

This level was a pain for me. I finally passed it only because there was one fish left and I was able to set it off to clear the last jelly.


Anonymous said...

It was my understanding that the fish were supposed to be attracted to the hardest to get jellies. Well when the only jelly left on the board is under the popcorn the fish go nowhere near it. What a waste!

Anonymous said...

Shattt apppp repeating this every bleedin level!