Candy Crush Saga Level 2021 tips and video

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 2021 Candy Crush Saga without boosters by Cookie
Score 190,000 points in 28 moves.
This is quite a high target score so you will need a few colour bombs to reach it. 
First collect the keys to unlock the bombs and the colour bomb, once you have the colour bomb use it on a colour that has the most bombs. Using one colour bomb makes it easier to make another and each time you get a colour bomb try to use it on a bomb colour for the maximum score.
Avoid switching colour bombs with stripes or wraps as you won't get so many points from the combo and any bombs the same colour will be turned to stripes or wraps and thus not score as well as they should.
Look carefully at the board before every move and use the conveyor to get your candies into position to make specials and combos.
Working near the bottom of the board will help create cascades which will give you extra points without using those precious moves.
Video below
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Rick said...

This level sounds formidable but got it on the first try no boosters 480,000 points 3 stars. Just be wary of the timed bombs stuck between the dispensers on the 2nd and 8th columns because they are harder to kill.

JR said...

Easy level _just had to match 2 colour bombs with time bombs..,

bookboss said...

Fun level, unlocked the keys for 1 sprinkle to match with a bomb, a second sprinkle dropped, all done.

Anonymous said...

Easy peasy as someone used to say. I reset until I could line up a few colors to release the keys. Followed orders to combine the color bomb with the most color bombs of the same color. Done on the first try. Thanks not only for the easy win, but the great tips.

Anonymous said...

First try. A walk in the park after that &^%$$#)@! 2020. No boosters, three stars. Played it just like the hints. Color bombs just seemed to want to build themselves.


Anonymous said...

Not easy on an iPhone. 250,000 points in 14 moves... complete BS

Anonymous said...

250,000 and 14 on pc now 1/2 the moves it started with

Anonymous said...

I passed level 2020 on my iPad but it won't let me move on to play 2021

Anonymous said...

Why is my board different level 2021 I have no keys