Candy Crush Saga Level 2133 Cookies tips

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 2133 Candy Crush Saga without boosters by Jose Savelkoul
Level 2133 is a dual task level, you've got 30 moves to collect 3 cherries and clear 59 jellies.
To collect the cherries you must first unlock them using a stripe or combo, then make a move to clear a space in the square immediately below and to the side of where the cherries are sitting, this will allow them to drop down onto the conveyor.
Once the cherries are on the conveyor belt, avoid moving them down, they'll be collected automatically.
You need to get the cherries onto the conveyor with at least 10 moves left or you may as well quit and start again as they won't make it to the exits with less.
At the bottom part of the playing area, licorice will be spawned. Keep the licorice under control or it will block your moves and make it harder to clear the jelly.
With just four colours on the board, it won't be too hard to make special candies. If you're able to combine special candies a couple of times, that should clear most of the jelly.
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  1. I did not find this an easy level. The cherries were difficult to unlock unless you get a direct hit on them. Then getting all of them on the conveyor with enough time was tough. I did that eventually but had to buy extra moves to clear the jelly plus use three lollipops as the cherries left unreachabke jelly behind. My hint, for what it's worth, is to reset your board to get a a vertical stripe first off.

  2. Wasted three lives trying to use a coconut wheel to free the cherries. It never worked as expected. A strip and wrap combo finally did the trick. The rest was just standard cleanup. Four tries, three stars.


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  4. Interesting MB because I've found that a stripe by itself neither releases the cherries nor will one clear the jelly underneath either. Seems both need a wrap/stripe combo.

  5. I have worked out why the stripes don't work sometimes. If the next candy to drop from the dispensers is a liquorice then the stripe won't work by itself but if it's a candy, it will. What I haven't worked out is how to tell which will fall next. 😀 HF

  6. I am falling in love with CC all over again! It has been level after level of Classic Basic Candy Crush lately. Good job, King! You don't need to start with any boosters. Just make a whole lots of special candies at the bottom part of the area and shoot! iPhone/no booster/1 star

  7. I'm sadly getting to the point where I'm going to stop playing candy crush saga cause I'm fed up of knowing that no matter how experienced you are having completed over 2000 levels, you've now got to wait for the 'LUCKY Level in order to complete levels now.

  8. Every time I start to play now, the game is automatically starting me with boosters. If I back out of the game before I start, it still deducts the booster. Is anyone else experiencing that?

  9. Very hard to unlock the cherries. Need a lucky board.

  10. Not enough moves to get the cherries to the port. Frustrating!

  11. Took a few goes but a fun level.

  12. No matter how many times I hit the cherries with a stripe, they never fall onto the conveyor belt! So frustrating!

  13. Why do you get yo start with 30 moves?? I only get 26, not fair!

  14. Not enough moves.need a lucky board


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