Candy Crush Saga Level 2150 tips and video

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 2150 Candy Crush Saga without boosters by Cookie
You only have 18 moves to collect 25 yellow candies which you will get from the lucky candies which fall from the dispensers on the left side of the board.
Work on the right side of the board to get the lucky candies into that side where they will be easier to match up and clear. As the licorice falls into the right side it's fairly easy to keep it under control by making matches next to it. Every time you clear licorice no more will fall, so it will be easier to make matches with the lucky candies.
Wrapped candies are useful if you can make them as they will change and collect the yellows with one move.
Video below by Skillgaming
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For mobile players, if level 2150 is different check the tips for level 2147


Rick said...

The last level was not that hard. I just used a check candy and completed it on the first try. It's good that there is no timed level in this episode. I can't say if this is a hard episode or not but I'm glad to finish it. Till next Wednesday.

Anonymous said...

Mostly jelly levels in this episode. Either didn't use any boosters or used quite a few.
Got stuck on levels 2147 and 2149 for quite awhile. Last level got first try and no boosters. Just basically sat and watched the fireworks. Nice finish to the episode.
Til next Wednesday.

Anonymous said...

The key to complete episode is BOOSTERS BOOSTERS


Bill. said...

You get the levels in a differebt order on a tablet can be useful as you can skip hard levels by chosing the PC or tablet to give the easier level. See you Wednesday.

JR said...

Could finish this level without boosters ; good that there were no timed levels in this episode..till next Wed .

Anonymous said...

Hard episode for me! Almost quit at 2149. Getting boosters on pc is tough.

Debi Davis said...

After 2147 and 2149 this level was a breeze. I needed that after feeling like I would never get here at the end of episode. Hope more like this one comes along. I just want to be done. I am not a quiter, but it may come to that. Onward for now.

Van5 said...

Took a few tries. Enjoyed this episode as a lot of it wasn't just luck and there was no timed level. I am horrible at timed levels. Used boosters for some levels. So glad there are sugar drops as I definitely wouldn't be this far without them. Back to collecting now until next Wednesday.
Enjoyed the stripe contest too! Won that one. Got 6 hours free play and one of each booster which definitely helps!

Nik Williams said..., never thought I would get to the end! It wasn't a bad level either to be honest.

Anonymous said...

2150 was fun and easy. After 2149, just about anything would be fun and easy. First try, no boosters, three stars.


anonymous37 said...

This one was a gift. 3 stars with five moves left, first attempt. Bragging, no...just happy to have an easy level after some of the monsters. Work from the bottom middle of the right and hopefully you'll have plenty of matches to make from the special candies that come over from the left.

Mad Man said...

Nice and easy (the level, not the episode).

Anonymous said...

Bottom middle right. OK...Here I go!