Candy Crush Saga Level 2154 Cookies tips

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 2154 Candy Crush Saga without boosters by Cookie
Level 2157 is classified as a hard level so you can expect to lose a few lives before you manage to pass it.
There are only 25 moves to clear all the jelly on level 2154.
Look carefully at the board for chances to make colourbombs as well as other special candies. You will need some powerful combos to clear all the jelly in the moves available.
Clear as much jelly as you can before you use the UFO and it will aim for the hard to get jellies that are left.
Try to switch the colourbombs with other special candies for the best clearance of the jelly.
You need to grow all the popcorns as there is jelly under them, but the resulting colourbombs will be very useful.
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Loubna Tazi said...

Why there is only 24 moves today for this level? it's impossible to pass. Please put back 50 moves.

Anonymous said...

king will never learn from player's complain cause they don't care !

Rick said...

With only 25 moves, this is a hard level. The biggest problem will be to clear the jellies underneath the popcorns. What I did was start with all 3 boosters and reset until the color bomb is beside the wrapped candy. The wrapped explosions will clear the board much and will hit the popcorns twice so you will just hit them just once more for it to become a color bomb. The fish will eat the remaining few jellies left. I finished it with 16 moves to spare.

Martha said...

I finally passed this level without boosters. Must have been a lucky board. By accident the UFO fired and after that, all seemed to fall into place. Guess there is something to say for 'lucky boards'!!

Victoria said...

Passed this level using boosters after failed attempts without them. I reset and had a sprinkle bomb and stripe next to each other which cleared most of the board. Had to use one hand switch for last popcorn and finished.

Don Gurian said...

Once again, this is a free game, they give you free boosters every day and all along the way, and you still complain, after 2000+ episodes, that it is too hard! Some episodes are designed to need boosters; that is why they give them to you. Try CC Soda if you want to complain. There you are given nothing. No one forces you to play this. How about making this site about helping instead of constant whining???