Candy Crush Saga Level 2230 tips and video

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 2230 Candy Crush Saga without boosters by Cookie
Level 2230 is a dual task level, you have to collect the two cherries and clear all the jelly.
This would be an easy level if not for the licorice. The licorice is unending!
You can ignore the cherries, they will be collected as you play, just concentrate on clearing the jelly.
Work your way down into the licorice as soon as possible, use combos if you can or simple switches to clear as much as you can.
As long as you clear at least one square of licorice with a move no more will drop, but if you make a move without touching the licorice you will get more dropping.
Combos that are switched without touching any licorice will give you loads more! Even if the blast from the combo hits some licorice it will still drop more.
Having said that you are going to have to take the risk because the only way to clear the jelly is with combos.
A colourbomb switched with another special candy is possibly the best to use.
It isn't hard to make special candies, but the licorice will always get in the way if you are not careful.
Video below
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  1. Thanks for the hints Cookie! ~Katrina

  2. Good grief, this one is a bugger! Over several days I have learned to go very slow, and consider licorice proliferation before each move. Also, the dispensers give many good candies. If you ever get close, don't forget to check the board for jelly stuck under licorice. I play and study a level at least 12 times before I will try a booster, and I still don't know which one is most effective. I think it will come down to using the reset trick to combine boosters on my android phone Wednesday, not possible on P.C. ~Katrina

  3. Golly gosh this one's tricky. Fuck all you cunts go to hell and choke on a fucking Brazilian nut.

    1. You are in need of dying...I hope it's soon

  4. Wow. That was uncalled for.
    Tricky level. Struggling.

  5. Tired of playing this level over and over.Why do we keep playing this game.Wish King could bring joy back to the game.These levels are torcher and you only get through when King decide.

  6. A very life wasting level. Need lots of luck

  7. I happened to get two color sprinkles somewhat close to each other. I manuveured several colors to get the 2 sprinkles next to each other, and to my amazement all the licorice disappeared. With a little more luck, I got all the jelly.

  8. used a coconut wheel. every level now needs boosters so as not to waste endless frustrating hours on boring tedious repetitions .

  9. Seriously? This shot is impossible!

  10. Impossible level will wait for lucky board

  11. Three attempts so far. Two jellies left the first two goes and one left the third. I only needed one more move to pass but I don't have much gold.

    One of the jellies the first go was high up on the left so the next two times I tried to clear the whole of that side while working across at the same time. Also tried to clear the other side as much as possible. Third go just had a row of nine across the bottom to get and got them all but the corner one. If only I'd had one more move. Waiting for more lives.

  12. I actually passed this the first time really easily with lots of moves left. I enjoyed it so much after that shitty timed level, I thought: Hey, I'm going to see what people say when they get a fun easy level! Apparently I got very lucky on this one after reading all the comments. Good luck everyone!

  13. This is Laurie again. I went back and played this level today and I couldn't beat it in 5 tries, got close only once. Definitely got lucky the first time.

  14. Posting for luck.

  15. Another boring, impossible, level

  16. Posting for luck, the only way I think this can happening...

  17. Insane... I need luck big time


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