Candy Crush Saga Level 2259 tips and video

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 2259 Candy Crush Saga without boosters by Cookie
You have to collect all the blockers, licorice and chocolate that are on the board to complete level 2259.
The hardest part of this level is growing the frog and you need it to collect the licorice.
The chocolate will spread if you don't clear it fairly quickly but once it's gone it's gone!
Concentrate on growing the frog. once you have unlocked it using a stripe or wrap.
A colourbomb used on the frog colour will go a long way to growing it, but on such a small board one combo is unlikely to be enough to grow it completely so you'll need to switch him a couple of times too.
A colourbomb booster is unlikely to help much on level 2259 as the frog has to be unlocked and uncovered before you can grow it, so don't waste your boosters.
Video below 
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  1. Ignored the frog, collected choc/blockers then used 5 hammers from sugar drops on the lic, Cheating?? Why else would I bother playing for boosters 2x daily... Just saying

  2. Got this on the 1st try without boosters. I was able to grow the frog and clear the licorice on the last move.

  3. I got this one 4 or 5th try without boosters. It is Do~able and the frog will grow. Feed him!
    I'm saving my precious hammers for harder levels.

  4. So you reach bonus milestone - latest 120 and wait for awarded prize and nothing - just crashes - must have happened at least 20 times in recent weeks - anyone else had this - have reached 2259 - think I know what am doing by now !

  5. Really want to cheat. .if you have the helmet and match it with one color bomb booster and reset until they are side by over in a couple of moves..BTW if you lose your helmet go back to level 9 and replay it about 7 times. .it's fairly quick.just make sure you hit retry so it doesn't go to the top levels

    1. I still say level one is the level to play to get your helmet. Six moves. You can't lose. You can get the highest level helmet in a couple of minutes.

  6. To Carlton, thanks for ghe great tip.

  7. Just when I was about to give up I got a lucky board. A "lucky board" in this case meant that I got two wrapped candies in the first three moves, and they landed next to each other - next to the frog. So exploding them revealed the frog.

    Next move I got a colorbomb, which I was able to use to grow the frog. Then I used a booster - a hand switch - to move the frog into position to create another wrapped candy. That gave me all I needed to move the frog over and complete the board. 3 stars, several moves left.

  8. Used a striped/wrapped bonus & reset until they were together. Then just grew the frog. Game over.

  9. Has anybody else noticed that we are not getting treasure chests anymore, also buying extra moves for .99 cents has also disappeared.

  10. Much easier after the hell of 2258. Just play low and make specials, you'll clear the choc and blockers in no time and before you know it the frog has grown and bam, game over! Done and dusted in 2 tries.

  11. I have never gotten the helmet and just tried Carlton's suggestion of going back to level 9 and playing it (and passing) at least 7 times, but the helmet didn't appear. I'm playing on an iPad. Can you still earn a helmet on an iPad?
    Thank you in advance for your assistance!

  12. I get the helmet on kindle occasionally but not everyone gets it at the same time. When you pass a level on first try it will be offered if it is your time to get it. I don't have it right now either.

  13. Helmet seems to appear during the week and expire after a few days. Same with Stripe challenge and constellation challenge. Got all three on Monday. Playing on iPhone.

  14. No booster needed. Just clear that frog and grow him.

    - SB


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