Candy Crush Saga Level 2318 tips and video

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 2318 Candy Crush Saga without boosters by Cookie
Level 2318 Candy Crush Saga is classified as a hard level so you can expect to lose a few lives before you manage to pass it.
You have only 27 moves to clear all the jelly and the board is very restricted to begin with.
You will need to think carefully about every move as there are none to waste.
Try to unlock the stripes and use them to grow the popcorns, but by far the best combo is a colourbomb/wrap. This will give multiple hits on the popcorn and blockers and do lots of damage to the jelly.
A colourbomb/stripe is also good, but not as good as the wrap combo.
These combos are necessary if you are to have any chance of clearing level 2318 in the moves available. Matches of three just won't be enough.
Try to work your way down to the bottom, clearing blockers as you go, this will create mini cascades and save a few moves.
The hardest square to clear is the middle square, under the licorice dispenser, as the licorice will continue to drop and cover the jelly unless you clear some licorice with your moves to allow a candy to fall into the space. Once there is a candy in the middle square you can clear the jelly using a colourbomb or other combo.
This is a really hard level and boosters to help are a coconut wheel and jelly fish booster.
Video below
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RedMo said...

Time to rename hard levels to 'levels that are impossible until the game decides you have suffered enough'. It's a joke.

Anonymous said... This sucks. Plus, you can't use a coconut wheel on a non ingredient level.

Kat said...

Thanks to Cookies comment, a magic helmet & stripe/wrap combo, I got it on first try. Reshuffled until wrap was next to a color bomb.

Anonymous said...

uh, you can't get the magic helmets on computer how did you get that

Anonymous said...

Got it after 8 tries, no boosters. It really is a matter of what you can get. I ended up with bomb stripes twice in a row

Kevin said...

This level is driving me MAD!!!!! Have got down to one jelly 3 times now and no hammers. Grrrrrr!!!

anonymous37 said...

I tried with and without boosters. Got to 3 moves left without boosters. Even WITH boosters (sprinkle/wrap/stripe and 3 extra moves from magic dash) I played several times without passing, even when I tried a sprinkle + wrap or sprinkle + stripe. I finally decided to just go for the one sprinkle (magic dash) + a sprinkle from my boosters. I had to use one hand swap to get them next to each other and then combined them. Even with that wonderful move (lol), I still needed one hammer to finish.

To anonymous above about the magic dash helmet, I use an Iphone and about once a week, usually around the time the new levels come out, it appears. Check in your message envelope to see if you have it. I don't know if they have it for PC. To get all of the bonuses (sprinkle/stripe+wrap/3 extra moves) I play the first 7 levels. You get the sprinkle if you pass the first level and the other boosters as you play the other 6 levels.

Anonymous said...

I beat this one first try once I had realised not all of the popcorn have jelly under them

Anonymous said...

What a tedious level

Victoria said...

Thank you! Passed doing this!

jonithorne said...

Thought it would be impossible, but after about 40 tries, it happened. Color Bombs, twice, with stripes did it for me. Clearing that licorice is imperative so that combos can actually work.

Anonymous said...

Took a few goes but a fun level.

Anonymous said...