Candy Crush Saga Level 2319 tips and video

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 2319 Candy Crush Saga without boosters by Cookie
Every move you make from the start needs to clear some licorice. Look carefully to see which moves will clear the most.
Even though there are 6 colours on the board this is not a hard level, although that may change in the future!
As long as you keep clearing licorice no more will drop down, but as soon as you use a combo, or make a match that doesn't clear any, loads more will drop down and block up the board.
For this reason you need to keep an eye on where all the remaining jelly is so you can clear any bottom jellies before you switch a combo that you know will result in lots of licorice falling. It is much easier to clear licorice from the top of the board to get the last few jellies than the bottom.
Video below
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  1. Great freakin' tip, Cookie!! I didn't even notice that every time I used a combo, more licorice would drop, making it impossible to clear all the jellies. I made sure that I cleared at least one jelly each move, and didn't use a combo until the very end. After reading this tip, I passed the level on my next try. Yip!

  2. I agree with Cedarberry (above). Thank you, Cookie. I also passed on my first attempt after reading your tips.

  3. I must be doing something very very wrong here. I have been on this for days and days and the best I could do was 2 squares left. Generally it is over 10. I have no idea why I keep playing this crap.

  4. I also have been on this level for 3 days - my first time out I had two squares left but since then more. I feel as though it gets harder each time

  5. I had two jelly left under loco rice, hammer does not work, you need to use hand switch to change to anything and then hammer.

  6. This board is so easy... As long as you have that freaking Lucky Board!

  7. Licorice does fall even if you don't make a combo on android.

  8. Another stupid fucked up level. All i can do is play the available moves which
    are not many and most no where near where you need to play so you play them with no chance of getting jellies Skilless bullshit. Never should have started with a game that has a kill button because you have no chance fuck candy crush done with the bull shit fuck off king

  9. Posting for luck.

  10. Anyone else have problem where move will not work ( usually bottom right corner). Download candy crush jelly keeps appearing. One time even did download but then lost what would have been a winning game! Not happy

  11. Strangely not so many comments. I've been on this level for 3 days with no luck. The board is just not playable with no combinations available. Need hummers to kill last jellies.

  12. Posting for luck! Nothing working for me


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