Candy Crush Saga Level 2321 tips and video

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 2321 Candy Crush Saga without boosters by Cookie
You will need vertical stripes and strip/wrap combos to clear the jelly and complete level 2321 Candy Crush Saga.
Colourbombs are also good, especially if you can switch them with a stripe or wrap.
Keep the licorice under control so it doesn't block your moves and watch the countdown bombs on the left.
Making matches on the right will give you some mystery candies, which can be helpful.
Level 2321 can seem really easy if everything goes well, but almost impossible if they go wrong.
There are only four colours on the board so it shouldn't be too hard to make special candies and combos. 
A jelly fish booster is a good booster to use if you are having trouble with this level.
Video below by Skillgaming
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  1. Well, I was getting nowhere near this one. At first I tried attacking the right hand side first, as I kept getting bombed out, but most of the time, the best move is elsewhere.

    In the end I got through with a mixture of good candies. I had an early stripe/wrap and then I got a colourbomb which I could only use with a colour. But it was the fish that helped me in the end. I had a fish/stripe followed by a fish/wrap. And finally a single fish to finish it off.

    Obviously, these fish came from the lucky candies. But in most of my earlier attempts the candies turned into blockers!

    I had tried a couple of times with boosters, but I didn't feel that they helped, although after passing, I think the fish is a good one to use if you have a few to spare.

  2. I passed this using a fish booster. Then had to use 3 lollipop hammers to finish off last 2 jellies.
    One star.

  3. Stupid level !!!!!!!

  4. Fish booster next to color bomb helped me!

  5. A freaking boring pure Lucky Board level! King should really just phase out Candy Crush Saga if all they are capable of is such stupid levels.

  6. Stripe on fish and done with 31 moves left. Kept getting close .. no hints excepts yo color bomb stripes and wraps..obvious moves

  7. Started with sprinkle/wrap, when the explosion was over I only had 2 jelly left! Fish got one and stripe got the other. 25 moves left.

  8. Sure is easy to make horizontal stripes

  9. Posting for luck again. Surprised there is only 8 comments. I've started with sprinkle/wrap or sprinkle/stripe a few times like suggested by Suzie O with no luck at all. Top and bottom little squares are hard to hit and can't make matches in those - we have to hit them with specials or making combos from the middle part. I don't find combos easy to make. Check candies are turning into blockers most of the time. Time candies are nasty. Help King!!!!!!!

  10. Playing for a week now.. grrr no joy.

  11. I have been stuck on this for days and its not even classed as a hard level. I cant believe there are not more comments and no current comments. If I stick to the right hand side most of my special candies turn to bombs, chocolate or blockers. I haven't even come close to finishing. Last time I had a problem with CC changing a game after the blogger had completed I emailed their customer care team but obviously they do not have anyone reading their emails or at least prepared to reply. Please let me know how to complete as I will not waste anymore money buying hammers etc which do not help with games where there is only luck involved.

  12. Will be on until cc God gives me a lucky board. On for days and sees no way out

  13. Agree with the above player.....this is TERRIBLE!

  14. Fish booster and hammer did it. Good luck crushers!

  15. Tried with the helmet and got nowhere. Now I'm posting for luck.

  16. posting for luck


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