Candy Crush Saga Level 2329 tips and video

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 2329 Candy Crush Saga without boosters by Cookie
Level 2329 is an orders level, you have 30 moves to collect:
60 cream blockers
20 licorice
10 chocolate
The licorice seems to be the hardest to collect as you have to get it to drop from the bomb dispensers at the top corners.
To get the licorice to drop you have to clear the blockers from under the bomb dispensers, especially the ones under the stripes which need to be hit with stripes or combos. If the bombs can't drop into play the licorice won't drop either.
To get the licorice to drop you'll need to use combos to clear the bombs, a colourbomb is especially good as it will clear bombs without touching licorice.
If you clear any licorice with your move you won't get any more dropping that move so wait until you have plenty on the board before clearing it.
Clear as much licorice as you can, then make a combo to clear bombs and get more licorice to drop.
The chocolate and blockers shouldn't be a problem as they will be cleared as you are working on the licorice, but keep an eye on the chocolate and don't forget to let it grow a bit if you need to.
Video below
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Anonymous said...

I made the mistake of trying to just free up one dispenser, in order to avoid fighting bombs on both sides of the board. That doesn't work (at least I couldn't complete the level that way. Without clearing both dispensers, you will never get enough licorice. You will, however get more than enough bombs...

Keep Crushin'


Rick said...

Once you complete the orders, the game ends. You don't have to play the whole 30 moves. You can disregard the countdown bombs if you are about to complete all the orders. I started with a CB and reset until it is with the CB from Magical Helmet. I finished with 25 moves to go and have countdown bombs with less than 10 moves.

anonymous37 said...

I had several moves left and no more licorice (I needed 3 more) would fall until my second to last move, in spite of clearing candy from both sides. I ended up using 3 hammers to get the last licorice when it FINALLY fell. I did NOT want to play this one again. :(

Anonymous said...

I had the top level helmet and used with a sprinkle booster, reset until sprinkles were together. I still had to use several hammers to get through this one. Another horrid level! Carol the elder

Anonymous said...

Shout out to Ms. Cookie! I love seeing you beating all those levels we called "impossible" without boosters. That always give me hope like if you could beat this without booster surely I could with my helmet. Lol. Thanks for sharing your awesome skills with me.

Anonymous said...

For me this was one of the worst levels!!!! So glad I passed it, used multiple hammers and hand switches.

Anonymous said...

This level is different on the iPhone

Anonymous said...

Got this first attempt with 12 moves remaining, over 500k and three stars. Admittedly I had a sprinkle from the first helmet which made this possible.