Candy Crush Saga Level 2344 tips and video

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 2344 Candy Crush Saga without boosters by Cookie
Level 2344 is a dual task level, you have to collect the two cherries and clear all the jelly in 30 moves.
Before you can collect the two cherries you need to clear the licorice locks to release them so that they can drop down to the exits. Once the cherries are unlocked you don't need to worry about them again as they should drop to the exits as you clear the jelly. Just check to make sure they have been collected before you get to the end just in case one hasn't found its way down.
By far the biggest headache on level 2344 is the chocolate. It's hard to clear without combos and they are not easy to make to start with as the board is so restricted.
The good thing is that once the chocolate is gone it won't come back.
A colourbomb/stripe combo is a really good combo for level 2344 as it will clear chocolate and jelly and with luck it will also unlock the cherries.
I found this quite a frustrating level and used a free switch in the end to get it over with!
Video below
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Anonymous said...

Again used a chocolate sprinkle and reset til beside the one from Magic Dash. Finished 1st try with 21 moves left, three stars. That also completed the red candy challenge which gave me six boosters.

Van5 said...

I also set 2 colour bombs side by side which pretty much cleared the board. Also used a fish booster which grabbed the last 2 jellies. Completed this first try. 3 stars. Those magic helmets certainly come in handy! Completed the red candy challenge yesterday by doing level 906 over and over. It's a fairly easy one to complete. Good luck everyone!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Sharon and Van5. I also finished this and got the red candies. Also huge thanks to Sharon for bringing up the tip about how to save the magic helmet! Carol,the elder (three weeks past knee replacement and I'm very mobile, still hurting, but at least I'm off the Percocet!)

Anonymous said...

Ugh... woke up this morning to find the magic helmet gone... I knew I should've ignore everything, like work and family; then finished this episode while the magic dash was available;) posting for a lucky board.

Anonymous said...

Yes, tips that rely on having an extra chocolate bomb are not going to be of much help to players who come here later. Bonuses like Magic Dash aren't always available.

Rolo said...

This level is rated as normal, but I'm stuck for days and have not ever been close. Unfortunately the helmet boosters are gone. So far no decent tips.

Suzie O said...

Can't reset the board on the PC but we get the coconut wheel option a lot and that's what helped me win this one. First move took out both cherries and much of the chocolate. Later I was able to make a sprinkle and drop a wrap on top of it and that finished all but one jelly.

Anonymous said...

Only 25 moves on iPad - definitely should be considered a hard level...😡

Anonymous said...

No coconut wheel for me on PC but I had a sprinkle from the first helmet and kept shutting down the app after each game so I didn't lose it, not that it had been much help. Eventually I managed to make another sprinkle next to a stripe and that cleared almost everything so I just needed to clear the few remaining jellies.