Candy Crush Saga Level 2354 tips and video

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 2354 Candy Crush Saga without boosters by Cookie
You have 25 moves to collect 77 blockers and 15 stripes.
The stripes aren't too much of a problem, they will usually be collected as you work on clearing the blockers.
The fish are not very helpful and I'm not sure why they are there at all, I found them more of a hindrance as they can spoil moves that you have planned. The fish never target the blockers and rarely hit the cake bombs.
The only time the fish can be useful is if you switch them with stripes as they will give you three stripes which may or may not hit the blockers or cakes.
Try to clear the cake bombs as they will take a layer off the blockers and also open up the board so you have more space to make combos.
Two colourbombs switched together are good as they will also clear a layer from the blockers.
Apart from the above just work on making as many combos as you can. Stripe/wrap combos are only helpful if you can position them to hit plenty of blockers, but you don't have many moves so can't afford to waste them getting combos into position.

There is no point making a wrap or a stripe in the middle of the board where it won't do any good, so ignore unhelpful moves and just concentrate on making combos that will be useful to you.
The video below is made with 25 moves but is a bit long as the player spends a long time thinking about his moves. However it does give you a chance to see why he makes the moves he does.

Video below by Johnny Crush
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billyrabbit said...

No comments yet?? This level is killing me, i've tried all sorts of boosters and can't get anywhere near passing. HELP

Surup said...

Stupid fish!

Anonymous said...

fish are completely useless..... unless you can match them with a striped candy! Waiting for Lucky board!

Rick said...

A CB combo is the way to go. The same is true for the next level.

Krusher said...

Yes - the worst fish in the history of CC!

Anonymous said...

I did it! No boosters, no helmet! I was handed a great board that I could make 3 CB I mix with striped candies. Then it was pretty much done.
iPhone/no boosters/3 stars

Anonymous said...

2nd try! If you have the magic helmet reset until with a CB. Then another color bomb with a stripe candy! Bam!

Never Pay a Cent Bobby said...

Helmet speckle, combine with a speckle booster, plus use a check mark to get blockers not in the corners

SueJ said...

Ok, so I know I have said it before and here I am still, but this might just be the end of CC for me!! This is the worst level ever. I have got nowhere near finishing in all my attempts - the blockers top right barely get touched, and as soon as you get those bottom left broken up a bit you get chocolate or popcorn 'surprises' filling the gaps! The fish are such a nuisance - if only they would do something useful, like go for the blockers, it would not be so bad, but they are worse than useless. This level has got all the challenges of CC thrown into one, with no redeeming feature. At least with other hard levels I felt as though I would get there in the end, but with this one I don't - I am stopping even before my five lives are up - so boring and depressing. This is not what CC is about.

Suzie O said...

All I can say is if you are struggling play on Facebook because I won with 22 moves left over!! You start with 30 moves not 25. I used all three boosters and started with sprinkle/stripe combo. That not only gave me almost all the stripes I needed but took out all of one cake and most of the second cake. The next move took out the second cake. The check/tick booster made it so I didn't have to get any of the blockers in the bottom left corner.

Anonymous said...

Tried Facebook per Suzie's advice. Won with three stars after second try. No Boosters.