Candy Crush Saga Level 2366 tips and video

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 2366 Candy Crush Saga without boosters by Cookie
You have to collect 2 ingredients in 25 moves to complete level 2366 Candy Crush Saga.
The ingredients never move into the main part of the board, so strictly speaking you don't need to clear the magic mixers. BUT if you don't clear the mixers they will block your moves so you will have little chance of collecting the ingredients.
The ingredients drop through the portals and have to travel through all the sections to get to the exit bottom left. 
There are wrapped candies next to the mixers which will be useful in helping to clear them if you can detonate them using a stripe or colourbomb.
Once you have cleared the mixers you will get mystery candies dropping from the dispensers, with luck these will give you special candies which you can use to help get the ingredients through the portals.
A sideways stripe at the bottom is usually enough to complete the job, or a stipe/wrap combo near the bottom. You only need to clear the candies in the bottom left as this will move all the candies through the portals.
Video below
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Lucia said...

Another exceptionally frustrating level that Cookie thinks is easy.

Anonymous said...

got it on the second time! had luck and broke the mixers fast! after that a few special combos and I was thru

Anonymous said...

Awful level based solely on luck... Need to be able to clear the mixers, then have striped vertical candies on the outside columns to have the smallest change on getting thru to the next level....
Will have to wait for that Lucky board....

Krusher said...

My first ever fault on CC. I got both the ingredients off the board, and they were ticked off. But the game continued with no ingredients on the board. Until my moves ran out when they reckon "Oh no, you only had 1 ingredient left".

Very annoying, since I'm having problems with this one!

Anonymous said...

Cookie's "You only need to clear the bottom left" is a Great tip. I did get a very nice board too. I was able to make 2 CBs. Used one switch hand to place them next to each other. Thank you always, Ms. Cookie!
iPhone/1 switch hand/3 stars

Never Pay a Cent Bobby said...

I'm having a bad time with this, even using coconut wheel on iPad and combining 2 speckles to start. You need luck to get the right stripes or wraps to move the nut. cookie's board was very lucky.

Anonymous said...

Start w coconut booster to clear three rows around mixers.
iPad does not drop special candies w mixers cleared
Spaces underneath special candy drop points just remain empty....arrrgggggghhhhh

Marie said...

This must be the most difficult level yet, nothing is working and believe me, I have tried everything. In fact I don't think I would recognize a lucky board if it came and bite me in the arse (maybe that is a Swedish expression). I am totally lost and wonder now how I got this far.I see people posting for luck. I'll post naked if that would get me through. Sorry, bad joke. Maybe this is THE sign that my time is up. I envy all of you that got past this level.