Candy Crush Saga Level 2402 Tips and video

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 2402 Candy Crush Saga without boosters by Cookie
You have only 15 moves to collect 6 colourbombs and complete level 2402 Candy Crush Saga.
Four of the colourbombs are already on the board in the form of popcorns, but you still need to grow them to get the colourbombs.
Apart from the 4 already on the board you will need to make at least two more to get the orders, or if you are good at making colourbombs, and a bit lucky, you can make more yourself instead of trying to grow all the popcorns.
Look carefully at the board before every move as there are only a few places where it is possible to make colourbombs and you can't afford to miss any chances with so few moves.
Remember that you have to use the colourbombs for them to count, so use them as soon as you get them as it's easy to run out of moves before you manage to use them, also it's easier to make more if you remove a colour.
Video below
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Anonymous said...

I just tried to do it without boosters and came up one color bomb short. I added a check booster (really bored this morning and have over 200 of them. Almost never use a check anymore) The game started with the checked matched with two candies and it turned into a color bomb. in the process a wrap ended up next to the color bomb. I set it off. The resultant cascade went on for a loooong time clearing the board of popcorn and forming even more color bombs. I lost count of how many color bombs formed and detonated, but it was way more than needed. 1 move round!!! WEIRD!


Anonymous said...

Yes, check booster is the way to go, they all turn into balls. Got the level but then it froze and I didn't get it, so I had to do it again.

n said...

1st try no boosters.

Martha said...

Passed it using a check mark. Fun level!

didueverdoubtme said...

20 moves only 4 color bombs required with 4 popcorn on on each corner. Wasnt easy and needed 1 hammer to get last. Decided not to use a mystery as i figured they would change to popcorn.

Suzie O said...

I also have 20 moves on iphone not 15 so that is nice. Do yourself a favor and use the check/tick (lucky) booster. Some people get the lucky booster confused with the mystery egg, which can produce anything, but the lucky/check booster ALWAYS gives you what you are collecting. If you are collecting one item only, as in this case, then that is the only thing it can give you. I finished with several moves left over and didn't even pop one popcorn.

Roberto A said...

Not fun or easy at all. On IPad 20 moves, 4 colourbombs to make, but we have the RED candy, which means one more color on the board. Boring.

Anonymous said...

Check booster - I lost track of how many colour bombs I made because of them.

Thanks nd good luck from Manila

Anonymous said...

Posting for luck.