Candy Crush Saga Level 2429 tips and video

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 2429 Candy Crush Saga without boosters by Cookie
You have only 16 moves to collect all the orders and complete level 2429 Candy Crush Saga.
The cream blockers and chocolate will need to be partially cleared to get the licorice dropping into the playing area, although some licorice can be hit using stripes and combos.
You need to clear the blocker in the middle of the board as quickly as possible because it is stopping the licorice from dropping through the portal. 
You need a bit of luck with the candies as there are no moves to spare. I managed to get a colourbomb/stripe combo which finished off the game for me and this is probably the best way to complete this level.
Any combo will help a lot, a stripe/wrap will go a long way to clearing most of the orders, but the colourbomb combo is the best, switched with anything else.
Video below
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Suzie O said...

The game kind of played itself and I passed first try. I had to be careful not to hit the chocolate too much because it grew really slow. The licorice came down into the main board but I'm not even sure what I did to cause that.

Anonymous said...

Posting for luck. I seem to have a harder time than Suzie O. I need a lucky board for sure for this one unless using boosters.

Anonymous said...

I believe a particular puzzle is poorly designed when only one move is available and that move does not help you in any way. I believe it is poorly designed when the board must reshuffle 6-8 times and there are only 16 moves available. I believe a level is poorly designed when it requires one to collect a certain item, yet withholds the item from the game board. So, you can imagine how much I am enjoying THIS DISASTER. Suzie O, please send me some of your good fortune!

Anonymous said...

posting for luck

Anonymous said...

I thought this would be a fun level. I was wrong. I am so frustrated. Again, there just isn't enough moves. Why could't they have given us 20 moves instead of 16? Frustration has become the mantra of this game. I don't understand why they think frustration is motivating and making it impossible is challenging. Moving up the levels is fun because you feel like you're making progress and is motivating on its own. Not getting the psychology of the architects of the game at all.

Anonymous said...

I was dreading this level after reading the comments. It turned out to be a fun level! I had the full magic helmet and added another colorbomb. I started with a colorbomb/colorbomb combo. It opened up the board and the game played itself. I was able to pass it on the first time with several moves to spare. I couldn't do any of these levels without first coming here, watching Cookie's videos and reading your comments and helpful hints. Thank you all!!!

Dieter Heinz said...

Passed it with the first try without booster. Luck for me and I hope also for you