Candy Crush Saga Level 2442 tips and video

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 2442 Candy Crush Saga without boosters by Cookie
You have 25 moves to collect 12 popcorns and complete level 2442.
Making moves to begin with can be tricky with so many blockers on the board but if you make moves near the bottom of the board whenever possible you can create mini cascades which may give you the wraps and stripes you need.
Find the colour that has most candies on the board and try to make matches with other colours to leave as many candies of the same colour as you can on the board. This will make it easier to create the wrapped and striped candies you will need to grow the popcorns.
Once you have grown a couple use them with either a stripe or wrap to grow more.
After the first big combo you should hopefully have two colourbombs side by side, or you can use the conveyor to get them together.
Switch two colourbombs together to hit the rest of the popcorns, then do it again if possible.
Double colourbomb combos are the best way to grow the popcorns as this combo will hit them all, whereas a colourbomb/stripe or colourbomb/wrap will not.
It's important to carefully check the board before every move as there are not many moves to spare and you need to make every one count if at all possible.
Video below
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Suzie O said...

I usually wouldn't use the check/tick lucky booster when collecting popcorn unless there is a conveyor belt involved because I love that conveyor belt trick so much. Try to get the check booster onto the conveyor belt and then match it. Since there cannot be a popcorn on the conveyor belt it instantly pops and you get credit for the popcorn plus you now have a color bomb... all in one move!!

I found it fairly easy to make wraps and I even had a couple of wrap stripe combo which hits many of the popcorn. I couldn't resist using a hand switch to get two color bombs together as switching them is so much fun.

Anonymous said...

suzie - thanks for that check mark booster trick. it did it for me, and early enough that I got plenty of cascades, and so plenty of double colorbombs. passed the first time I used that after having tried for several sessions.


Anonymous said...

Suzie-thank you for the check mark booster trick. Best tip ever. I completed the level with 17 moves to spare.

Never Pay a Cent Bobby said...

Thanks Suzie-Q. Worked first time.

Sebastian said...

Not finding it as simple as other players have.

Anonymous said...

Chocolate sprinkle/wrap combo and a checkmark booster. First try with 16 moves left.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tip, Suzie. Red helmet, check booster, and another sprinkle, which I probably didn't need, did it for me with 20 moves left. Carol the elder

Anonymous said...

Great tips everyone, thank you.

Anonymous said...

It can be done without using boosters. I completed it second attempt (3 stars) with 8 moves left. It's easy to make all the special candies. I used one sprinkle/sprinkle, a sprinkle/wrap and a few sprinkle/stripe. Job done.

jonithorne said...

Hated the advice to use check booster. Wasted two of them. Couldn't get the check on a conveyor belt. GRRRRRRRRRR. Not trying to be rude, but this tip didn't work for me. Maybe it will for a future level.

Victoria said...

Check booster!! Worked for me!