Candy Crush Saga Level 2447 Tips and video

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 2447 Candy Crush Saga without boosters by Cookie
Level 2447 is a dual task level, you have to collect 3 ingredients and clear all the jelly in 30 moves.
Although level 2447 is not yet classified at the time of writing I consider it to be the hardest level so far in this episode.
The ingredients drop down from the top left and through the portals into the bottom right where the exits are located.
These two squares are the only ones that are connected, the top right and bottom left do not effect each other when you make moves, they have to be played as two separate boards as far as making moves is concerned.
The fishing floats in the middle of the board can be very useful, or not! This will depend on what combos you are able to make. Hitting the floats with a single stripe or wrap will give just one fish, so not really helpful.
The best combos in my opinion are stripe/wrap combos, you can fire them through all the blockers to release and collect an ingredient, or you can fire them through the fishing floats and get loads of fish. Every time one of the floats is hit by a combo it releases three fish, so hit them all with a combo and you get three fish from each one, each time it is hit. So it is possible to get up to 15 fish from one move.
Another good combo is a colourbomb/stripe combo although I found this combo quite hard to get on such a small and restricted board.
There are 5 colours on the board so making combos is not the easiest task so you will have to look very carefully at any available moves and your aim should be always to try to make a special candy or combo with every move.
If you are struggling with level 2447 you may find it helpful to use a fish booster or a coconut wheel, or both.
Video below by Skillgaming
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Anonymous said...

It is much easier to clear the top blockers first. Clearing any column will bring the fruit into play (In the lower row) This is best done from below of course. One vertical stripe will do it. Then clear the lower blockers by working in the top right.
Alternating will clear lots of jelly too.

Easier said than done, mind you!

Good luck from Manila

Bryan said...

Every now and then the makers of Candy Crush seem to design a difficult but equally boring level that you are forced to play over and over again, perhaps in an effort to help player to come to their senses and to give up the game for good. Please can we have less of this rubbish or at least if your going to make hard levels can you add some element of fun!

Anonymous said...

I keep playing old levels to get boosters and then wasting them on this one. I think I have to wait until they change it - this one is hideous. - hbk

Donavan said...

I also have been playing the older levels to get more boosters to use. I took a CC update yesterday and now level 666 has chocolate covering the bottom couple of rows. Has anyone else had this happen to them?

Donavan said...
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Surup said...

Been playing this for a while...have used the coconut wheel seven times. Once I got three of them; all the other times only one showed up. Once I got all three cherries but lots of jelly left. No fun.

Anonymous said...

Another level which needs luck; hoping to get some soon!

Anonymous said...

When am I allowed to pass this level CC?

Donavan said...

Also I noticed that my excess sugar drops no longer carry over. Normally I get close to 180 drops then play level 666 and get 30 or so more to go over. After the cool down period I would start with 23/24 drops then play level 1476 and get 35-40 to earn double boosters. Now after the update it is not carrying over the extra sugar drops. Has anyone else seen these changes or other changes?

Suzie O said...

Donovan, I haven't noticed the carry over changes but the chocolate on level 666 has been there about 2 months that I know of... sucks!!

Anonymous said...

when using a fish of coconutbooster I only get 1! each...